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Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family

Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family


Unique Christmas Gifts for friends and family in 2020 is a concise list that the team at MyGearExpert has created for you.

Depending on where you are in the world, Christmas signals a welcome end to the year that was 2020. From global pandemics to social unrest, it has given us time to take stock and reassess what is important in life.

Most countries and cities have been in a state of isolation in one way or another, and this has made us realize how important the companionship of friends and family really is. 

We have been forced to take a moment to appreciate the little things in life’s journey and the unique people that make life an adventure

This may motivate you to think a little bit harder about your Christmas shopping this year, and you may have had extra time to think about getting your nearest and dearest something a little more personalized as a gift this season.

If you weren’t an online shopper before the pandemic lockdowns, no doubt you have gained some solid experience in 2020, so we have put together a shortlist of some cool Christmas Gifts ideas for your closest friends and loved ones.

Indestructible Magnetic 3-in-1 Cable

Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family

Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends Product features:

  • Magnetic 360° smartphone charging cable
  • Variety of colours
  • Fits iPhone, USB Micro and Type C

Do you have one of those friends or family members that is always asking to borrow your charging cable because theirs is broken? They love to fiddle and twist the cord, or mistreat the cable then wonder why their cable never works?

Well, this nightmare can be nipped in the bud right now! This award-winning, indestructible charging cable is the perfect Christmas Gifts for prolific cable killers. It features a unique magnetic tip attachment that remains in your phone and clips on magnetically to the USB cable.

It also allows for 360° for ultimate flexibility of movement, seamlessly going from wall socket to car, laptop to backpack without risking breakage. Its braided cable is extra strong, and won’t wear away at the charging head.

The cable end also has an LED light that lets you know you are connected and charging at all times, and the kit comes with three popular phone charging port heads, including iPhone, USB micro and Type C configurations.


Strong, robust and reliable, this charging cable is the ultimate survivor for all of life’s rigorous activities.


If your friend is less of a cable killer and more of a cable loser, then this won’t help them. Maybe some mindfulness lessons will be a better buy.

ProPosture™ Posture Corrector

Product features:

  • Posture corrector
  • Reduces slouching
  • Great for home office workers

COVID-19 has forced a lot of people to work from home in make-shift home offices, leaving many with poor ergonomic setups. Poor posture, especially slouching, can lead to ongoing pain from muscle aches, tight joints and back pain.

This innovative ProPosteur™ posture correction system can relieve pain and improve upper spinal pressure by ensuring your shoulders are pulled back throughout your workday, or while playing video games on PC or consoles.

ProPosteur™ isn’t just made for office workers; anyone can benefit from this unique contraption. You simply slide your arms in like a backpack, tighten the straps till your shoulders are activated, and then get on with your day!


This product has an excellent customer review score all over the internet. This affordable device can really reduce a lot of pain for people who work long hours at a desk.


It is essential to get a good fit for this product, or you may experience discomfort. Ensure you reference the size guide before you purchase.

Crossfit Resistance Bands

Kz858KZkC95G08wJqnwV4xTA vRwXRDOor1eUAthZHngXSPVz4 Yj54 N25LvA39YYCKX2KYfWcLqRNKhQtN9RGn7piF3X0psYRrDTZzAfGctA118P
Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family

Product features:

  • Portable stretch band gym
  • Workout anywhere
  • Five resistance levels

ProPosture comes second in our list of Christmas Gifts for 2020. If you know a gym junkie who is always on the move, then this is one of our best cool Christmas gifts. This handy stretch band resistance band set is all you need to stay in shape at home or abroad.

You can perform countless exercises and add or reduce the tension by utilizing different configurations of bands. You can also maximize your full-body workouts by using the door anchor or ankle attachments.

The entire kit comes with five resistance bands ranging from 10-lbs to 30-lbs, two soft-grip handles, two Velcro ankle straps and a door anchor, all in one handy travel bag that easily fits into any backpack or travel luggage.


Absolute fitness autonomy. This kit is easy to use, set up and pack away, allowing you to workout anywhere, anytime.


Make sure you read all instructions and ensure your bands are correctly secured. Failure to follow instructions could result in injury.

F9 TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Christmas Gifts
Unique Christmas Gifts for Friends and Family

Product features:

  • 5.0 Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • Touch controls
  • Wireless charging case

Third in the list of Christmas Gifts F9 TW Bluetooth. Do you have a loved one who is still getting tangled in headphone cords? Remind them it’s Christmas 2020 and not 1990 with this fantastic pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. These are headphones of tomorrow today!

These wireless rechargeable powerhouses connect to any Bluetooth device and boast a range of incredible features, including one-touch key control for hands-free operation when you are driving, exercising or just generally living your best life.

They offer Hi-Fi 8D quality sound,120-hours of playback, and 150-hours of talk-time per-charge, with a transmission distance of 10-meters. They come in a convenient recharge carry case that holds 2000mAh of recharge power.


A great Christmas gift that offers the highest quality sound for a fraction of the price of other major brands.


With its impressive CVC8.0 noise reduction technology, you may catch yourself yelling at other people by accident while talking on the phone.

We hope this has helped you with your Christmas gift ideas. While you’re busy searching for gifts for others, do forget to ask “what do I want for Christmas?”

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