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Top Five Best Travel Steamers for Clothes

Top Five Best Travel Steamers for Clothes


Top Five Best Travel Steamers for Clothes. Travel steamers are a great way to ensure your clothes are fresh and pressed while away on business or leisure. Although most apartments and hotels provide an iron, there are always those times when you get caught out. 

And even then, sometimes you are left without access to an ironing board, and you are forced to try and iron your best skirt or shirt with a towel on the kitchen bench; not ideal is it?

The process of steaming garments is as old as the textiles industry itself. Still, in recent years, innovations in electronic technology has made steaming clothes more accessible and effortless than ever before.

Some clever electronics manufacturers have managed to compress big, bulky garment steaming units into compact, hand-held appliances that can fit into most work or travel bags. 

These steamers often double as a steam cleaner, meaning you also have a loyal friend when you spill something on your freshly steamed t-shirt just before you are about to head out on the town.

Never again will you have to risk showing up to an event or important business meeting looking like you just woke up in your second-best duds.

The team here at MGE have ironed and folded a selection of five of the most popular travel steamers that every travel-bug should consider purchasing in 2021. Read on to learn more about the best travel steamers for busy folks who are always on the move.

R2Brands Clean Strike Portable Handheld Disinfecting Steamer for Garments

Product Features:

  • Dual steam settings
  • Includes two attachments
  • Ready for use in approximately 30 seconds

Compact and easy to use, this basic one-button clothes steamer by CleanStrike has everything you need to steam your garments on the move. 

It has a 300-ml water reservoir, giving you ample amounts of continuous steam. The steam head is coated with an aluminium plated ceramic face, and there are also two other separate attachments; a brush head, and a protective cover for delicate fabrics.

Ready to use in under 30-seconds, this travel steamer offers high-performance at a price that is accessible by everyone.

Steamer for Clothes, Hand Held Portable Travel Garment Steamer

Product Features:

  • World-leading travel steamer
  • Compact and portable
  • Cleans disinfects and sanitizes

Deemed one of the world’s best premium clothes steamers, the Polardo Mini Travel Steamer has managed an extensive run of happy customers and five-star reviews. This light-weight unit weighs a mere 1.2-lbs, barely showing up in your luggage weight at all.

It features a high-quality, stainless steel steam head, and a nano polymer water filter to avoid calcification from tap water. It is designed to be easy to operate with a simple steam and stop button at the steam head’s back.

The four-ounce water tank offers up to 10-minutes of continuous steaming, and it has an ultra-fast heat-up time of 25-seconds. Order one today, and discover why this hand-held steam cleaner is on Amazon’s bestseller list.

HOMEVER Top Five Best Travel Steamers for Clothes, 1300W , Powerful Handheld

Product Features:

  • Powerful 1300W travel steamer
  • 40-second heat-up time
  • Horizontal or vertical steamer

Garment steamer or steam iron? Which one are you siding with? In the interest of global peace and harmony, the creative design team at Homever appliances asked the wisest of all questions; “why can’t we have both?’.

The Homever two in one, horizontal and vertical handheld garment steamer breaks down all barriers and limitations. This versatile steamer gives you the ability to steam your hung garments vertically or use horizontally like a traditional flat steam iron on an ironing board.

While not as compact as some of our other featured steamers, it is still compact enough to fit into most small travel bags or large backpacks. 

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The unit holds 100ml of distilled or filtered water offering six-minutes of continuous steam flow, which reaches full temperature in approximately 40-seconds. 

A perfect travel steamer for people in uniform who require a flat iron option for thick textiles like canvas or heavy cotton fatigues.

DEKOPRO Best Travel Steamers for Clothes Mini Steamer Foldable Travel Steamer Fast Heat

Product Features:

  • Ultra-compact folding design
  • 30-second fast-heating
  • 100ml-water tank

If you are an avid backpacker or trekker, but still want to look your best at Carnival or Coachella, this super compact, foldable travel steamer is ideal for your minimalist lifestyle.

This micro clothes steamer can be ready to go in under 30-seconds; its 100-ml water reservoir can provide constant steam flow for up to eight-minutes, very impressive for its size. Its leak-proof design means no drips, even when you are steaming horizontally.

When you are done steaming, the handle folds away flat, taking up little to no space in your business bag or travel pack; a must-buy for the fashion-conscious nomad or travelling gypsy.


Clothes steamers have come a long way, haven’t they? They have never been more compact, powerful or efficient. Which was your favorite travel steamer? Have you used one before? Or are you still attached to your old-school flat iron?

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