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The Very Best in Professional Torque Screwdrivers

The Very Best in Professional Torque Screwdrivers


The Very Best in Professional Torque Screwdrivers. It is just never good enough, is it? You either over tighten a nut or bolt and strip the thread, or you under tighten it, and it comes loose while in use!

All professional trades-people, home mechanics and DIY engineers are doomed to repeat this failing like groundhog day.

Or maybe not? Professional tradies and home handy gurus of the world I come with a message of hope, and our saviour in our darkest hour has a name; torque screwdriver. Those that suffer mechanical OCD will sleep safe and sound knowing that they can get precision torque on nuts and bolts with an affordable, handy gadget.

How do they work, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked! A torque screwdriver is a handy little gadget that gives you a precision gauge that tells exactly how tight your nuts and bolts are. So no matter if you are working on your dream performance vehicle or adjusting precision instruments, we have the tool for the job.

Read on to discover some of the best, most reliable, professional torque screwdrivers touring our toolkits in 2020.

Wheeler Digital Firearms Accurizing Torque Wrench

Best in Professional Torque Screwdrivers Product Features:

  • Digital torque display
  • S2 tool steel 
  • 10-piece tool set

Although designed primarily for accurate torques on firearms parts, this torque screwdriver set is perfect for all small precision jobs. Consistently scoring over a four and a half star review rating, this is one of the best value for money torque screwdrivers getting around.’

The main body and handle of this quality unit are ergonomically designed oversize to offer maximum grip. The LCD has been cleverly placed at the end over the handle, so you have full view of your torque as your applying force. 

It also provides an audible alert when you have reached your preset torque setting, and when battery power is running low. The screwdriver and 10-piece tool set comes in a high-quality moulded carry case making it the perfect gift for the avid handy-person.


Excellent value for money. Wheeler is well known for quality precision work tools, and they have not disappointed with this affordable precision torque screwdriver.


Unless you are working on small car parts this set is too small for large capacity mechanical work; a larger torque wrench will be a better investment.

NEIKO PRO 10573B Torque Screwdriver Set 1/4″ Drive Long Shank |

NEIKO PRO 10573B Torque Screwdriver Set 1/4" Drive Long Shank | 10 to 50 Inch-Pound Range | 20 Bits Included
The Very Best in Professional Torque Screwdrivers

Product Features:

  • 20-piece tool set
  • ¼” Long drive shank
  • Mechanical torque gauge

Sometimes it’s good to go the classic manual route, and this affordable torque driver delivers everything it promises. It features an extra-long ¼” drive shaft making it! excellent for getting into deep rebates.

has a traditional mechanical torque gauge for those that like to get a manual feel while sighting in their desired tension. It comes with a comprehensive 20-piece toolset that includes Phillips and flatheads, hex and star keys.

With a 10 to 50 inch-pound range, this great little torque screwdriver is a perfect addition to any toolbox and will come in handy for a wide range of applications.


Sometimes manual means more reliability, as it requires no batteries. Safe to say you get your money’s worth and then some with this great tool from NEIKO.


The manual torque drivers often have the gauge on the side which can be tricky to sight when using, though this won’t bother old-school tradespeople.

Capri Tools CP21075 Certified Limiting Torque Screwdriver Set

Product Features:

  • Precision 1-inch-pound adjustment increments
  • 20-piece tool set
  • Hard-moulded carry case

This precision instrument by Capri tools looks, feels and performs like the professional instrument it is. Its torque settings move in 1-inch-pound increments for jobs where you need to absolutely guarantee your torque setting, like precision measuring tools or firearms.

Its torque settings are easy to read on the shaft and range form 10-50 in.lbs. It also features a positive locking ring for fast adjustments. The soft-grip handle is designed to take the stress off your hand and wrist while use and there is a T-bar socket piece that slots into the end of the handle when extra pressure is needed.

This professional-grade torque screwdriver comes with a 20-piece toolset including Phillips head, blade, hex and star keys and the everything comes stored in a robust, hard moulded plastic carry case that easily slips into a work bag or tool kit.

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Very accurate tool boasting +6% accuracy and 5000 -clicks, perfect for all professional applications like electrical, automotive, aerospace and manufacturing.


Not an amateur tool, may take some study and online learning for the layperson to operate. A digital model may be better to start out with.

ED-212P1 Push-to-Start Electric Torque Screwdriver

ED-212P1 Push-to-Start Electric Torque Screwdriver (Auto Stop Clutch)

Product Features:

  • Electric torque screwdriver
  • Push to start function
  • Repeatable torque setting

This is the bee-knees of torque screwdrivers. If you need all day torque precision and want to save yourself from conditions like RSI and carpal tunnel, then this electric power-driven torque screwdriver is the way to go. 

This 115-volt torque driver features a 100-rpm motor with a torque range of 1.3 – 10.6 in-lb (1.5-12.0 kgf-com), it has an excellent repeatable torque of +/- 3(%). 

The torque is adjustable via the external dial, and it features a reverse and forward switch making it useful for both assembly and disassembly—a must-have for all precision workshops, high-performance automotive specialists, aviation workers and engineers.


Top of the range professional quality torque screwdriver, this unit will take a lot of pressure off your wrists and hands while offering superior torque accuracy.


The pro gear doesn’t come cheap. This unit is also less practical for mobile work as it requires direct power; a portable manual torque screwdriver is best for your everyday tool kit.

So have you made your selection? Are you going for a compact and portable torque screwdriver, or the top of the range electric beast?

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