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The Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin

The Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin


Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin would help you keep your skin well-nourished, glowing, and healthy. Many people develop bad skin and outbreaks at puberty, and for many, this subsides as they reach their adult years. However, some will be burdened with skin issues well into their adult life.

Skincare is a multi-billion dollar industry. People spend a fortune purchasing product and technology to clean and clear their skin in a bid to have a healthy glow, feel more comfortable in themselves, and avoid the effects of aging.

However, besides expensive day spas and skin treatments, what are some basic steps and Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin? Everyone has different skin types, and what works for oily skin, may not be the same for someone for dry skin.

So what are Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin that can help to avoid some common dermal disasters? Read on for some helpful tips on how to take care of your skin.

Finding balance

The first in our list of Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin is the balance. Your skin creates sebum from sebaceous glands under the skin. Oily skin often produces excess sebum, which can result in more frequent outbreaks of conditions like acne. Having dry skin can make the skin produce more oil resulting in a similar outcome. 

It seems we can’t win either way! So what can we do to help the skin from experiencing these frustrating and sometimes painful outbreaks? Let’s have a look below.

Oil-free cleanser

The second in our list of Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin is use of an oil-free cleanser. Good quality oil-free cleanser can help to remove this excess sebum without adding fuel to the fire. There is a myriad of products available that are designed specifically for oily skin and people who experience these annoying outbreaks.

Use a toner

Individuals that are prone to acne may benefit from a gentle toner to help unclog the pores. Products that contain salicylic acid or glycolic acid may also help balance the skin’s pH levels, which can also help reduce outbreaks.

Exfoliate once a week

An exfoliating scrub helps to remove dead skin that contributes considerably to blackheads and whiteheads. There are also things like exfoliating brushes and gloves to aid in the removal of dead skin over the whole body. This is another yet simple but among the Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin.

Use a moisturizer

Dry can force the skin to produce more oil as a defense mechanism against dehydration. This excess oil and sebum can result in more breakouts.

If you have oily skin already, try using a lighter moisturizer. Find a non-comedogenic moisturizer to avoid clogging your pores further.

Remove your makeup off.

If you wear makeup daily, then you should take the extra time to remove it as often as possible. A 2013 study suggested that people that wear cosmetics are more likely to have skin outbreaks.

Try and use natural mineral cosmetics where possible and try to use products labeled “non-comedogenic” or “oil-free.” If you are using products that can be potentially harmful to your skin, the Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin can help only to a certain extent.

Avoid picking at your skin.

Alongside following the Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin, you should avoid picking at your skin. As tempting as it might be, breaking the skin during your outbreak may not only contribute to the problem but also increases the risk of exposing the open skin to oil and bacteria from your hands.

This can lead to infection, which can create prolonged marking and potential scarring of the skin.


Are you not getting enough shut-eye? Sleep is essential for every organ in your body, and your biggest organ is your skin. Getting seven to nine hours of quality sleep could be your skins best friend.

A 2015 study found that more than 65 percent of participants who showed signs of fatigue or sleep-deprivation had increased occurrences of acne. 


A healthier body could mean healthier skin. Although there are no conclusive studies linked to diet and skin health, some studies do suggest a poor diet could contribute to adverse skin conditions. 

Some studies have suggested foods high in omega-three, and six fatty acids, vitamin E, Zinc, and antioxidants can help the skin combat conditions like acne.

Reduce your sugar intake

 A large study conducted in 2009 put over 2,000 participants on a low-glycemic diet. They found that 87 percent of those who took part found they had reduced acne, and 91 percent found they needed less acne medication.

This means it’s time to cut back on processed carbs, like white bread and baked goods, avoid soda and sugary drinks, and limit alcohol consumption.


Studies suggest that our modern sedentary lifestyle could be contributing to our skin health also. Your body is designed to work and sweat, and as long as you are cleaning your skin before and after your heavy gym sessions, exercise has been linked to better skin health.

Drink lots of water

One of the first things to suffer the adverse effects of dehydration is your skin. Dry skin can increase the amount of oil the skin produces, which could contribute to blackheads and acne.

One study suggested that aiming for two to three liters of water a day can significantly improve skin hydration, as well as offer a range of health benefits to your body as a whole.

Avoid smoking

There is good scientific evidence that smoking and post-pubescent acne have a direct correlation. This seems to be a particular problem for female smokers.

Studies have suggested that smoking may create a non-inflammatory reaction with the skin that may, in the future, be labelled as a new dermatological entity named “smokers acne.”

If you have severe skin reactions or conditions, it is worth consulting your doctor or a dermatologist to ensure there are no underlying issues that may be contributing to your skin health. Apart from the severe issues, these Top Tips for Clean Healthy Skin would help you keep your skin in the best condition.

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