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The Top 10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping

The Top 10 Best Air Mattresses for Camping


My Gear Expert brings you the top 10 Air Mattresses for Camping in 2021.

Even though winter 2021 approaches and it is getting a little cooler, there is one big positive. It is a campfire season! That means loading up the car, grabbing the family and pets, and heading into the great outdoors.

Another great part of camping is rugging up with a warm sleeping bag in your tent and having the frogs and crickets sing you to sleep. So what are you going to use to rest your weary body upon? 

Air Mattresses for Camping have come a long way. Although they serve the same purpose, air mattresses have changed via the use of modern materials and technologies. Read on to take a look at the top 10 best air mattresses for camping in 2021. 

1. Hikenture Ultralight Air Mattresses for Camping

Air Mattresses for Camping

The Hikenture ultralight sleeping mat is a perfect Air Mattresses for Camping option for the solo nomad. It’s ultra-compact making it ideal for backpacking, camping hiking, climbing, or anywhere you may just need a little laydown.

Weighing only 481 grams, it is ultra-light and easy to store. It inflates in under a minute using 10 to 15 breaths, has a built-in pillow and is waterproof for when the weather gets a little hairy. The thick air cells limit air movement making it more ergonomic for your back and ensuring no air leaks throughout the night. 

Hikenture Ultralight Air Mattresses for Camping Review

2. Bestway Air Mattresses for Camping

Bestway Air Mattresses for Camping

If you are looking for more of a “glamping” experience, then the Bestway queen-size camping bed is the best mattress for everyday use. It even comes with its own built-in pump inflating in 300 seconds.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these self-inflating Air Mattresses for Camping boast a comfortable flocked sleeping surface. It is made of durable pre-tested vinyl and has a seamless I-beam construction for strength and comfort, and holds a weight capacity of up to 290kg. Not that the in-built pump does require AC 220-240V to operate.

2. Bestway Air Mattresses for Camping

3. Coleman All-Terrain Airbed

Coleman All-Terrain Airbed

Coleman has been a trusted name in camping equipment since William Coffin Coleman founded the company in 1900. The Coleman All-Terrain queen-sized, a double-high airbed is perfect Air Mattresses for Camping for good night sleep at your favorite camping spot.

It is made of puncture guard bonded fabric making it 47% more puncture-resistant, 25% more stretch-resistant and 30% lighter than a standard Coleman airbed. It has a double lock air valve to stop air leaking and has a “wrap ’n’ roll” built-in storage system for easy carry and storage.

Coleman All-Terrain Airbed Review

4.Naturehike FC-10 ultra light Air Mattresses for Camping

Naturehike FC-10 ultra light

The Naturehike FC-10 ultralight inflatable camping mat by Boundless Voyage is another one for the solo trekker. If you require a compact, ultralight mattress for travel or minimalist camping adventures, then this is a perfect choice.

It comes in at a net weight of approximately 420-grams and packs down to a small 10cm roll. It is made of a durable double layered Nylon TPU. The mattress utilises moulded air pockets to minimise air movement and has a one-way valve to stop air leakage. The unit is waterproof and weather-resistant if you wish to skip the tent and sleep under the stars.

Naturehike FC-10 ultra light Air Mattresses for Camping Review

5. Coleman Camping Cot

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If you have found the perfect camping spot and plan on staying a while the Coleman queen-sizes camping cot may be just what you are looking for to be used as perfect Air Mattresses for Camping.

This three-piece inflatable mattress combo comes with an elevated cot with side tables that can support up to approximately 270kg. You’ll find added comfort from the airbed’s coil construction which helps the mattress contour the body for better support. It has a built-in pump powered by four D-cell batteries (sold separately) and is factory tested to ensure there are no air leakages. This unit can also be purchased in twin size.

Coleman Camping Cot Review

6. FBSPORT Bed Car Mattress

FBSPORT Bed Car Mattress Camping Mattress for Car Sleeping Bed Travel Inflatable Mattress Air Bed for Car Universal SUV Extended Air Couch with Two Air Pillows

If you want a night by the fire without the hassle of having set up tents and camping equipment, then you can get comfy in your car with this FBSPORT inflatable car mattress with separate inflatable air pillows.

Great for camping, festivals, surf trips and travel adventures, this unique design allows you to turn your whole backseat into a comfortable air bed. The mattress has inflatable supports that extend down into the rear passenger footwells allowing for support across the entire back of the car. The unit is easy to inflate and deflate and packs down easily for boot storage.

7. Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite


The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Ultralight Backpacking Air Mattresses for Camping, made in the USA, is perfect for the hardcore adventurer whos seeking tough terrain and a night under the stars.

This body tapered, ultra-light sleeping mat inflates to 2.5-inches thick, weighs a minimal 16-ounces, and packs down to a tiny 11×4.5-inch stuff sack. The mat is made with robust, non-slip Reflective ThermaCapture technology. The bed traps radiant heat while the Triangular Core Matrix baffled construction provides stability and minimizes heat loss.

Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Review

8. KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad

Air Mattresses for Camping

If you are serious about comfort as you are about adventures in the wild, then meet the KLYMIT Static V2 Ultralight Sleeping Pad, perfect for all camping, hiking, backpacking and climbing expeditions.

This V2 model is 12% lighter than its predecessor, this portable, compact sleeping pad weighs in at 16.33-ounces. The easy to inflate V-chamber design limits the air movement and reduces heat loss while providing ultimate support and comfort to rest a tired body after a day of pounding the trail. The pad comes with a stuff sack and repair patches included.

KLYMIT Static V2 Sleeping Pad Review

9. QOMOTOP Self-Inflating Air Mattresses for Camping

If you are looking for a weekend camp getaway for two, then the QOMOTOP self-Inflating camping mattress is a comfortable, quick and easy solution for you and your loved one.

This twin air mattress is made of a PU sponge that expands, and self inflates when the vents are opened. When you are ready to move on, simply roll it back up and seal the valve when the air is removed. The bottom is made of 190T sub-spinning material which is both durable and weather-resistant. It comes in a convenient travel bag, manual and repair kit.

QOMOTOP Self-Inflating Air Mattresses for Camping Review

10.Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Reflective Foam Camping Pad

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If you are planning to stay out in harsh, cold conditions, then you can avoid the risk of hypothermia with this heat reflective foam camping mat. 

The Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Reflective Foam Camping Ground Pad uses Patent-pending, ThermaCapture technology to reflect radiant heat off your own body. It is ultra-light at 885-grams and is virtually indestructible with a cold-weather R-value of 2.8.

Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest SOLite Reflective Foam Camping Pad Review

So which camping air mattress from out top 10 will you be unrolling on your next big outdoor adventure? Make sure you check out My Gear Expert for all the latest trending high-quality camping and adventure gear products. Join up to our mailing list for all the latest equipment and get alerted about special offers.

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