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The Best Work Gloves for Tradespeople

The Best Work Gloves for Tradespeople


You never realize how important your hands are until you sustain an injury of some kind. After all, even the smallest cut in the wrong spot can derail simple day to day activities that most of us take for granted. Therefore you need the best work gloves around.

Firstly, according to the US Bureau of Statistics, approximately 110,000 workers lose days at work due to hand and finger injuries. More than one million US workers receive treatment in emergency departments for acute hand-related injuries per-annum.

These findings have also shown that 60 per cent of these injuries could have been avoided by using appropriate hand protection. Another study by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics hinted that the younger and less experienced you were. As a result the more likely it was to sustain a hand injury, with the lowest risk group being over the age of 65.

This Study also listed the biggest industries or activities that result in incidents of hand injuries, which were:

  1. Firstly, Production 
  2. Construction
  3. Installation, maintenance and repair
  4. Transportation and material handling

They also listed the most common hand injuries that were sustained in these injuries and activities, which includes:

  • Cuts 
  • Lacerations 
  • Punctures
  • Fractures
  • Breaks
  • Crushing injuries

Firstly, if you have ever had a severe hand injury, you know how challenging every day can get while you heal.

After all, a product that may not be a new invention has definitely come a long way thanks to modern textiles, manufacturing techniques and rubberised coatings; in conclusion the work glove.

Therefore, below we have made a shortlist of some of the best work gloves and their features for tradespeople getting available for online purchase. As a result, these are not just great for professionals but also for working around the home-workshop, garden, or general home maintenance.

Maxi Flex Ultimate 34874 Foam Nitrile Palm Coated Gloves, Gray

Product Features:

  • Firstly, a pack of-12
  • Nitrol palm and finger grip
  • Oil and abrasion-resistant

Firstly, Maxiflex gloves, made by US company PIP (Protective Industrial Products) have become an industry-leading industrial hand protection product across all trades worldwide. Therefore this 12-pack of work gloves means you always have spares in the work-van or PPE cabinet.

These robust work gloves are made of a strong Nylon and flexible Lycra blend that allows maximum protection while still allowing your hands to breath. After all, the knit wrist creates a tight seal, stopping dirt and debris from entering the glove while in use.

The micro-foam, Nitrile coating covers the whole palm and fingertips, providing effective protection from sharp debris like sand and metal, wood and metal splinters, abrasions, and punctures also offers protection from light oils, and mild chemicals.

Memphis Glove N9690M Ninja Ice 15 Gauge Black Nylon Cold Weather Glove

Product Features:

  • Firstly, a pack of three
  • 15 Gauge Black Nylon
  • HPT Palm and Fingertips

Another glove that is becoming a staple in trade and industrial settings are Ninja™ work gloves by Memphis PPE.  They offer maximum protection without compromising flexibility and dexterity, while also providing outstanding protection for those working in cold rooms and freezers or performing jobs in cold winter weather.

This three-pack of N9690M 15-gauge Ninja Ice™ gloves features a unique shell and polymer combination that remains soft in temperatures as low as -58°F while keeping your hands cold and frost-free with its Terry inner lining. 

As a result, the HPT palm and fingertip coating offer ANSI-standard protection from cuts, abrasions, punctures and heat contact. As a result, providing you with ample hand and finger protection in all weather and work conditions.

High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove, Rigger Glove, Anti-vibration, Anti-abrasion, Touchscreen

Product Features:

  • Pack of three
  • Anti-vibration and anti-abrasion
  • Touchscreen compatible

Firstly, in this digital age, professional tradespeople need to be able to access their smartphones without interrupting work-flow. Therefore, work gloves can be frustrating when making or receiving critical calls on the job and ensuring your potential clients and business leads are being maintained.

High-Dexterity-Heavy-Duty-Mechanic-Glove-Rigger-Glove-Touchscreen- SIZE CHART MY-GEAR-EXPERT.COM

This three-pack of Vgo high dexterity, heavy-duty work gloves offer maximum protection while out on the job with touch screen compatibility via the thumb and index finger. 

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After all, the 180° fingertips with 3D cutting allow your hands to move freely. As a result the reinforced palms make for extra protection and longevity of the grip.

Therefore perfect for a wide range of work applications, including:

  • Mechanical work
  • Rigging
  • Landscaping

Firstly, the perfect all-round hand protection for tradespeople, home maintenance and renovation, and extreme sports junkies alike.

Milwaukee 48-22-8731 Demolition Gloves

Product Features:

  • Firstly, reinforced palms and fingertips
  • As a result smart swipe knuckle for touch screens
  • Therefore TPR pad provides ultimate knuckle protection

Milwaukee has been making professional-quality trade tools and PPE gear since 1924, making equipment that is inspired and designed by the tradespeople that use them. These Milwaukee 48-22-8731 Demolition Gloves will be your hands best friends while performing heavy-duty, high-risk work.

These robust gloves offer complete protection to the palms and fingertips while providing maximum grip on your tools and the job at hand. The breathable, moisture wick lining offers all-day comfort and allows sweat to evaporate while using.

The TPR knuckle protectors offer hard but flexible protection across the top of your hand, and they also feature a smart swipe knuckle so you can operate your smartphone or device without having to deglove. As a result, available for single purchase or up to packs of four.

In conclusion, the team here at My Gear Expert have their hands all over the latest trade tools and  PPE gear. Therefore, you can also gain access to members only deals and exclusive special offers.

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