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The Best Vacuum Blackhead Removers of 2021

The Best Vacuum Blackhead Removers of 2021

The Best Vacuum Blackhead Removers of 2021

The Best Vacuum Blackhead Removers and what are they? They are the scourge of facial dermal health, the dreaded blackhead. Teens of the 90s and early 2000s will remember the will power it took not to squeeze, scrape and prod these horrifying follicle faux pas of evolution that for many continue through the rest of their life.

For those readers who have been lucky enough to not suffer from blackheads, they have small bumps that appear on the skin due to clogged pores and hair follicles that are like a mild form of acne that appears as black dots on the surface.

They affect all skin types to some degree or another but can be more prominent in people with oily skin types or people who suffer from dermatological issues, or during hormonal changes.

In 2021, like all things, technology has caught up. We have done away with the old surgical style kits and made way for the latest trend in blackhead removals; affordable mini vacuums that leave the skin clear and glowing. Read on to learn more about the best vacuum blackhead remover of 2020.

Kingwell Blackhead Removal Tool with 4 Replaceable Suction Probes (Blue)

Product features:

  • Four interchangeable probes
  • Four-modes
  • USB charging

This compact kit by Kingwell is great for home use and can pack away for travel without taking much room in your personal effects. The kit has four-interchangeable probe heads that will suit all body contours where blackheads tend to accumulate.

It is wireless and rechargeable via USB allowing for easy charging from wall sockets, laptops or power banks. The tips detach easily for cleaning, and the kit includes a bonus cleaning brush to remove oil and debris from the moulded plastic probe heads. 


Light and portable, a great companion for all sufferers of blackheads and oily skin around the nose and chin.


This blackhead remover is not waterproof, so avoid submerging in water. Heads must be removed from the unit for cleaning.

YESMET Electric Suction Blackhead Extractor Tool Electric Pore Cleaner for Women Men

Product features:

  • Six probe heads
  • Three suction modes
  • Bonus traditional cleaning tools

This deluxe Blackhead cleaning tool from YESMET provides three effective suction modes for deep pore cleansing. It has six-different probe heads giving you maximum control for all parts of the body where your blackheads are an issue.

It is wireless, rechargeable via USB and ultra-quiet. There is an LED display that shows you which of the three suction modes you are on, as well as battery life. The extraction heads are made from high quality, non-toxic ABS plastic. Enjoying or article on Best Vacuum Blackhead Removers? please let us know what you think.


Great value for money, would make an excellent Christmas gift this season for someone who has chronic issues with blackheads.


It is suggested to charge for at least six-hours straight out of the box. Usual charge times after that are around 90-minutes.

2020 Upgraded Blackhead Remover Vacuum—Electric Vacuum Suction Blackhead Remover

Product features:

  • Five probes
  • Suction and hot massage features
  • Bonus surgical cleaning kit

A popular product for COSIN, this unit has had an upgrade from their previous model. This premium blackhead removal system has five adjustable power modes with LED display showing system modes and battery life.

This unit also doubles as a hot and cold face massager with an easy to clean steel pad that provides high-frequency vibrations to heat and open the pores and relax the face muscles, heating up to 42°C. Its large capacity battery allows up to 25-uses per charge from its convenient charging base.


Great value for money and offers superior function over most basic models of suction style blackhead removers.


The charging base makes life easy; however, it makes it less compact when travelling. A unit that plugs directly into power may be more suitable when on the move.

WINDEK Blackhead Vacuum Remover with HD Camera


Product features:

  • Three probe heads
  • HD Camera
  • Connects to smart devices

The WINDEX blackhead remover is a real game-changer. For those who have a strong stomach or a curious mind, this futuristic model features an HD camera that zooms in on your pores and streams the image to your smartphone or device.

This compact unit is easy to store and has three different probe heads made of high-quality transparent plastic. It contains a 1000mAh battery that provides up to 150-minutes of use per 90-minute charge. 


Offers a unique experience with the HD camera. This type of product is becoming more popular as people can watch the results in real-time.


This unit is powerful! Don’t get lost in the camera image and go over the same spot for longer than three seconds; you may end up with a blotch or welt.

What did you think of the best blackhead removers of 2020? Which one will you be ordering?

It has never been easier to have clear skin at a fraction of the cost of expensive day spas and beauty treatments.

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