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The Best Survival and Tactical Gear

The Best Survival and Tactical Gear


The Best Survival and Tactical Gear. Survival and tactical gear are not just needed out in the wild; the modern concrete jungle can be just as dangerous and unpredictable as the wilderness in this day and age.

If Hollywood has taught me anything (which it hasn’t), no matter if you are out in the bush, or at the bad end of town, those who make it to the end of the movie will need to action strategies, and careful tactics to survive.

Survivalists and tacticians are a unique breed, and they need unique equipment to get them through life’s many hurdles and objectives.

Luckily, some innovative humans are always thinking tactically and have taken items initially designed for the military and transformed them into everyday things we may all need to collapse society or the zombie apocalypse.

Below we have made a shortlist of some of the best tactical gear getting around the digital jungle known as the internet.

Read on to find out more about some of the absolute essentials you will need to survive whatever the future throws our way tactically. Follow us and read on, rogue soldier of fortune! Read on!

Tactical Men’s Stryke Operator Uniform Pants w/Flex-Tac Mechanical Stretch.

Product Features:

  • Teflon-treated fabric
  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Zipper closure

I’m a firm believer that the best tactic when facing an adversary is to run! And to run tactically, you will need the best tactical pants getting around the underground resistance.

These tactical pants by 5:11 can take whatever life throws at them. They are robust enough to take a real beating while remaining flexible enough for you to pull your best moves when facing a threat.

This flexibility is achieved via the premium, patent-pending, two-way Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric.

Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric is made of a 65% polyester to 35% cotton blend and treated with Teflon making them highly resistant to soil, moisture and stains.

These best tactical pants are fully gusseted and have a range of specialized pockets so you can be prepared for anything.

They come in 12 colors; TDU green, charcoal, black, khaki, stone, storm, battle brown, burnt, coyote, ranger green, tundra and dark navy-blue.

Armour Supply Co. RFID Blocking Wallet For Men With Money Clip, Multitool & Key Holder

Product Features:

  • Hard case minimalist wallet
  • RFID blocking
  • Multitool & Key Holder

Even something as simple as a wallet has been given a tactical edge. Armour Supply Co.’s piece is one of the best tactical wallets getting into the survivalists’ pockets and preppers everywhere.

This tactical wallet features a robust solid structure made from lightweight aviation alloy and 12-cards and five-folded bills. All cards are protected by an RFID blocker keeping your safe from scammers. Is this The Best Survival and Tactical Gear here?

The whole unit comes in a cool gift pack that contains a money clip and cash strap, multitool card, tactical key holder and custom hex tool to open and maintain the tactical wallet and key holder.

TAC9ER Kevlar Lined Tactical Gloves – Full Hand Protection, Cut and Temperature Resistant, Touch Screen Friendly

Product Features:

  • Microfiber, Kevlar, Polyester, PVC
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Five-year warranty

When in an urban or wilderness survival situation, it is essential to protect your hands from injury, or things will start to look very grim.

These tactical gloves by TAC9ER are the perfect addition to your tactical survival pack.

They offer total hand protection and are lined with Kevlar, making them cut and temperature resistant.

The palm grip offers maximum friction on your personal effects, and the fingertips are touchscreen sensitive.

These gloves are perfect for all tactical applications including; law enforcement, handling heavy machinery, construction, woodworking, gardening, camping, hunting, or tactical sports like airsoft or paintball.

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Bush Craft Survival Knife | Camping Hunting Knife In Sheath Gift Bush Craft Survival Knife Gift

Product Features:

  • Blackened high carbon steel blade
  • G10 camping knife handle
  • Molded sheath, fire starter, paracord and maintenance tool

An ideal tactical survival knife is required to be tough, reliable, adaptable and straightforward.

This blade is one of the best survival knives in Holtzman’s Gorilla Survival range, offering everything you could possibly need in your most essential survival companion.

This razor-sharp, 4.0”-full tang blade is made from blackened 1095 high-carbon steel, guaranteed to melt through wood, paper, plastic and aluminum without going blunt.

Its handle features an anti-slip grip and ergonomic shape, maximizing control and precision.

The custom, Kydex hard-plastic molded sheath easily fits on your belt or tactical straps for quick and easy access without risking the blade falling out.

This tactical sheath also holds a Ferro rod and scraper, as well as some emergency paracord and Allen wrench that fits both the sheath and knife for easy maintenance and cleaning; a tactical must-have.

So are you ready for a Mad Max style future? Which pieces of tactical gear were missing from your bug out kit? Like a good scout says, “always be prepared”.

The crew here at My Gear Expert are always on top of the latest tactical gear, The Best Survival and Tactical Gear! like tactical gloves, tactical wallets, tactical pants and survival knives.

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