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The Best Military Watches for Everyday Wear

The Best Military Watches for Everyday Wear


The Best Military Watches for Everyday Wear .When it comes to watches that can take the rough and tumble of everyday wear, nothing beats a tough military watch. When it comes to defining what a military watch is, the lines can get a little blurry.

Firstly, there is no exact feature that denotes that timepiece is a military watch. When it boils down to it.

Above all, a military watch could be any watch that can withstand the pressure and rigour of the battlefield.

These watches do not necessarily have to look like battle companions, but they will need to be water-resistant, shockproof, and have other practical features.

As a result, many leading watchmakers produce watches under the heading of a military watch, and some even have a military seal of approval in their respected countries.

Some prominent brands that boast military-grade watches in their arsenal include:

  • Wegner
  • Victorinox
  • Casio
  • Garmin and more

So what are some of the best military watches for everyday wear that don’t skimp on style and class?

Therefore, the team here has braved the online battlefield and emerged victorious with a shortlist of must-have military watches. Therefore, read on to learn more about these trending military timepieces.

Wenger Men’s Attitude Stainless Steel Swiss-Quartz Leather Strap, Black, 22 Casual Watch (Model: 01.1543.106)

Leather Strap, Black, 22 Casual Watch (Model: 01.1543.106)

Product Features:

  • Swiss-made stainless steel wenger swiss military watch
  • Swiss-quartz Movement
  • Water-resistant to 100m (330ft)

Firstly, Swiss military watches are hailed as some of the best military watches ever made, and Wenger has become a leader in the world of military-grade watches.

Wenger has been making precision Swiss army knives for over 100-years and as a result, has been producing world-class military watches since 1988.

This stylish watch will look as good with a dinner suit as it will in army fatigues. Therefore, this stylish Swiss-made stainless steel watch features a black dial and leather strap with classic buckle closure.

Above all, it boasts a 44mm diameter case with tachymeter, weighing a tactical 2.8-ounces with Chronograph, Date, Hour, Minute, Second and a waterproof rating of 100m (330ft). As a result it is perfect for the avid adventurer or disciplined soldier.


Full military functions without compromising on class. As a result, this watch will look as good out in a five-star restaurant as it will hiking through the swiss alps.


The water resistance rating is fine for swimming and snorkelling, but probably not for deep-sea diving applications.

Wenger Men’s Attitude Stainless Steel Reviewed

Garmin tactix Delta Solar, Solar-Powered Specialized Tactical Watch,

Product Features:

  • Solar battery extension
  • GPS maps
  • Stealth night-mode

If you were ever wondering what watch a ninjas wears, look no further.

Firstly, this futuristic military watch from Garmin makes James Bond’s watches look like kindergarten toys! This robust! yet sophisticated watch is action-packed full of features that will turn any joe-blow into a secret agent.

Above all, some of this incredible watch’s impressive features include:
  • Solar lens charging and health features (including heart rate)
  • Pre-loaded topographic maps, altimeter, barometer and compass
  • Waypoint projection and dual-position format
  • Pre-loaded tactical activity, stealth-mode more

Secondly, this watch meets full military specs to survive the roughest conditions and features music and smartwatch capabilities.

Above all, it is water-resistant up to 50-metres, has a battery life of up to five-weeks, or 50-hours in GPS mode.


A real military ready watch for adventurers and therefore, military service people alike. As a result, this is the watch of the future, today.


May be more features than the average person will use. However, some may like a military-grade watch with simpler features and a mechanical watch face.

Garmin Tactix Delta Solar, Solar-Powered Reviewed

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Mens Watch (Black)

Product Features:

  • Mud, shock and water-resistant
  • 25-month battery life
  • Direction and temperature sensors

Firstly, Casio’s G-shock series is one of the most formidable military-style watches on the market and is popular with military personnel and hardcore adventures like hikers and survivalists.

This is one of their premium models that therefore boasts some fantastic features that are critical in harsh environments.

This super-tough watch is shock resistant for both impact and vibration, perfect for busy tradespeople.

It features Casio’s original solar-charging system, therefore converting power from sunlight and fluorescent lights and other light sources.

It is water-resistant for up to 200-meters. As a result it is perfect for divers and snorkelers, is resistant to dust, mud, and debris.

Above all, this intelligent watch also features Casio’s Smart Access technology which tracks analogue movements via its multi-sensors controlling several of this watch’s many functions.


Above all, a favorite among military operatives, extreme sports enthusiasts and tradespeople around the world. As a result, this is one of the toughest military watches available online.


Does not have some of the health and smartwatch features becoming popular in watches in recent times. Therefore, consider it a simpler model.

One of the Best Military Watches on the Market

Victorinox Swiss Army 241889 Men’s Fieldforce Sport Chrono Watch

Product Features:

  • Classic Swiss military watch design
  • Proudly Swiss made
  • Lifetime guarantee against defects

Firstly, this stylish military-style sports watch offers a range of classic features expected from such a historical company.

This classy watch features a traditional watch face with the 12-digit replaced by Victorinox’s iconic Swiss flag logo.

Above all, this watch is water-resistant up to 100-meters and is proudly made in Switzerland by the company’s master craftspeople.

The 42mm watch face is scratch-resistant with triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Therefore, very tough. As a result, its features include a chronograph, date, as well as a classic military watch style tachymeter.


Above all, a simple but beautifully designed timepiece that embodies the classic style of a timeless Swiss military watch.


A great everyday watch, however, will not sate the hunger of the tech-savvy or hardcore adventurer. Therefore best for classic watch lovers.

Victorinox Swiss Army 241889 Men’s Fieldforce Sport Chrono Watch Reviewed

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