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The Best Masticating Juicer for Healthy Smoothies

The Best Masticating Juicer for Healthy Smoothies


The Best Masticating Juicer for Healthy Smoothies. Firstly, if you love a bit of 70s nostalgia, or you were in your prime during this time of political and technological change, you may remember the popular juicing diet. The first automatic juicer, however, was invented in 1934, by Norman Walker.

There have been many different types of juicer developed over the last century, including:

  • Juice reamers
  • Juicing presses
  • Triturating juicers
  • Steam juice extractors
  • Centrifugal juicers and more

The most popular juicer in the 2020s, however, is arguably the masticating juicer.

The Benefits of Masticating Juicers

Masticating juicers offer many nutritional benefits over their peers. Firstly, traditional juicing methods focus mainly on extracting and separating the fluids, oils and liquified nutrients contained within any given fruit or vegetable.

Therefore the nutritional downside to this is that all the fibre and solid nutrients of the vegetable matter are trapped in the pulp left behind. As a result wholefood nutrients are essential for optimal dietary health and support.

Secondly, masticating juicers utilize powerful modern mechanics and cutters to chew, or ‘masticate’ the wholefoods on your behalf. Therefore ensuring you retain all the nutrients and essential fiber; therefore aiding digestion, nutritional absorption and supporting gut health by aiding naturally balanced microflora of gut microbiome.

After all, masticating juicers are a great way to start afresh with wholefood, plant-based diet, and helps you give your body everything it needs to perform at its very best.

Finally, below we have chosen a selection of units based on customer reviews and popularity. In conclusion, read on to match the best masticating juicer for your dietary needs.

Juicer Machines, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean

Product features:

  • Firstly BPA-free
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Finally Easy to clean

Firstly, Aicok is a brand dedicated to making clean, healthy home cooking easy and accessible to all. Therefore, their range of juicers are always in demand and getting rave reviews from happy customers around the world. As a result, this masticating juicer extracts and masticates via a seven-segment spiral opening, opening up each cell of your fruits and vegetables and maximizing your juice yield. 

This slow masticating juicer operates at an optimal 80-rpm, providing 90% more nutritional retention without creating damaging heat and friction, ensuring a maximum reserve of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals, and nutrients, with less foaming than its predecessors, and no clogging. 

Therefore, all processing parts are made from BPA-free, PMMA materials, and the unit runs at under 60-decibels, making it ultra-quiet and safe for young ears. This unit has been specifically designed to perform and be easy to assemble and clean, with all parts being dishwasher safe.

Omega J8006HDS Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating 80 Revolutions per Minute

Product features:

  • Masticating juicer and food processor combo
  • Powerful dual-stage motor
  • Industry-leading 15-year warranty

Firstly, the Omega J8006HDS slow speed masticating juicer offers a wide-range of multifunctions. As well as its juicing functions that are optimised at 80-rpm for maximum nutritional retention and high juice yields, this unit also doubles as a unique food processor.

Other delicious treats and condiments this machine can make includes:

  • Nut butters
  • Pasta
  • Grinds coffee and spices
  • Minces herbs and garlic
  • Makes baby food
  • Nut milks 
  • Soy milk and more

This unit can also process frozen fruit, making healthy and delicious frozen fruit sorbets and ice creams. Therefore, omega stands by the quality and reliability of their products with an industry-leading 15-year limited warranty.

Juicer Machines, Jocuu Slow Juicer Masticating-Extractor Easy to Clean, Cold Press Juicer


Product features:

  • Firstly two-speed masticating juicer
  • One-button disassembly
  • Easy to clean

Firstly, this basic, easy-to-use masticating juicer by Jocuu delivered what it promises; therefore high juice yields and more nutrition. As a result, there are no particular bells and whistles, just a well designed, easy to use masticating juicer.

Secondly, it has dual speeds for optimal juicing including a 60 and 80-rpm mode. Therefore, all parts are made from food-grade, BPA-free materials for cleaner juices. After all, the slow speed method provides less foam, meaning higher nutritional reservation that can remain fresh up to 72-hours after extraction. Best Masticating Juicer still looking?

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Finally, it is run by a low decibel motor that operates on high under 50-decibel. As a result, it has a reverse function in the event of a blockage, and all parts are dishwasher safe for ease of clean: all you need to make delicious, nutritious wholefood juices.

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite, Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer with Jumbo Twin Gears

Product Features:

  • Firstly jumbo twin gears
  • Exclusive magnetic and bioceramic technology
  • Finally 12-year limited warranty

Firstly, this is the Royals Royce of masticating juicers. Therefore the Tribest Green Star Elite juices, cuts, slices and crushes like no other juicer in its league, offering maximum fibre, juice yield and nutritional retention.

With exclusive, patented, magnetic, and bio-ceramic technology, this system creates a focused magnetic field that rearranges clusters of water so that they can latch on to more of the valuable vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Simultaneously, the stainless steel twin gears power through even the most robust of organic matter. Best Masticating Juicer read more?

With specs like that, a 12-year warranty and a wide range of food processing accessories, there will be little in its price range that will stack up against this machine’s reliability and versatility.


So which model in our list of best masticating juicers got your mouth watering? Nothing feels better than downing a fresh, cold juice full of tasty and healthy nutrition fruits and vegetables.

The crew here at My Gear Expert like to take care of our shape, even if some of those shapes are more round than others. In conclusion, we like to keep in tip-top shape by staying up to date with all the latest fitness and dietary gadgets like masticating juicers.

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