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The Best Massage Guns Available Now

The Best Massage Guns Available Now

The Best Massage Guns Available Now

The Best Massage Guns Available Now. So, 2020, that was a year, huh! Everyone who has come out of a lockdown during the global COVID-19 response of 2020 will have come out one of two ways; either lean, toned and fit, or something that resembles the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man from Ghostbusters!

If the latter sounds more like you, you have probably started thinking about hitting the gym, or the cross fit shed that is undoubtedly just around the corner – there is always one just around the corner!

So with so much “forced” time away from the weight bench, it is going to be a slow, sore start, with an emphasis on soreness. Therefore, you know what that means, massage time! After all, a good massage is the best way to soothe sore and tired muscles that have been barraged with aggressive encouragement from your personal trainer.

Still, the COVID-19 crisis has followed us in some countries right into the new year, and many massage practices are not open to help give the lactic acid the old heave-ho. As a result, technology has a great alternative in the form of the massage gun.

Firstly, this has been a popular online purchase throughout the global lockdown, with many people shouting their praises, and getting back into a stable workout regime, and shedding those COVID-kilos.

As a result, a percussion massager, these guns feature different shaped massage heads that attach to a piston-driven, battery-powered gun that finds and destroys every knot and sore spot with powerful precision and accuracy.

It also allows families or gym partners to share a high-quality, deep-tissue massage without the tired and oily hands that many people loathe.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the best massage guns sold online from last year into this year. Therefore, time to get loosey-goosey!

Massager Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massage for Pain Relief,

Product features:

  • Five speeds
  • Seven-massage attachments
  • Super quiet and portable

Firstly, the Mebak3 percussion massager is a mini massage therapist that can fit in almost any bag ready for a deep tissue treatment on your demand. As a result, its long-life 26000mAh rechargeable battery lasts up to two to three hours from a single charge.

This ergonomic handheld massage gun has an ultra-quiet motor with five-speed levels ranging from 640-3200rpm, more than enough power to unfurl the most stubborn of knots. Therefore, it is accompanied by seven-interchangeable massage heads to guarantee accuracy and precision.

CHIROGUN Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager

Product features:

  • 15-massage heads and two ball attachments
  • 30-adjustable speed levels
  • Fast-charging and long battery life

Firstly, the Chirogun could be one of the best value for money massage guns online, offering high performance, ultra-quiet operation, fast charge times, long battery life, 15-massage heads and two ball probes.

Therefore, the powerful motor operates at 30-adjustable speed levels, with the maximum reaching a muscle thumping 3200rpm. As a result, it is powered by a 2550mAh, fast-charge battery that allows up to six hours of continuous use. 

In conclusion, this kit gives you everything you need for full-body, deep tissue massage and relaxation from stiff backs at the office to pounding out the lactic acid on leg day.

Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Quiet Muscle Percussion Back Neck Head Hammer Massager for Athletes,

Product features:

  • 10-massage probes
  • 30-speed levels
  • Lightweight

Firstly, eaDot have made this simple to use, ultra-portable unit that could be one of the best massage gun, Amazon and eBay with five-star ratings across the board.

As a result, for well under $100, you get up to six-hours of massage time per one and a half to two-hours charge time via the 2400mAh rechargeable battery. Therefore, there are 10-interchangeable massage probes made to get into every knot and hidden sore spot on your body.

In conclusion, this lightweight, compact unit weighs approximately one kilogram making it easy to operate for extended periods. With 30-different speeds to choose from this is one of the best massage guns within its price range.

Pulse8 Massage Gun Deep Tissue – Percussion Muscle Massager Gun

Product features:

  • Six-attachments
  • Five-speeds
  • Ultra-quiet motor

Did you know the Pulse8 deep tissue massage gun could be a traveler’s best friend? This ultra-compact percussion massager comes with six, high-quality massage attachments. The entire kit comes in a handy custom travel bag that easily fits into any travel bag, backpack, work case or gym duffle bag.

Therefore, this unit features an ultra-quiet, yet powerful slimline motor that reaches speeds of up to 3200rpm. The rechargeable battery lasts for up to six-hours, perfect after a long flight or car ride; a must-have for all regular travelers, transport operators or professionals who are always on the go.

Theragun Mini – All-New 4th Generation Portable Muscle Treatment Massage Gun

Product features:

  • Fourth gen official Theragun
  • Three-speeds and 150-minuet battery life
  • Ultra quiet and compact

The Theragun was one of the first companies to pioneer this new wave of deep tissue massage gun. This Gen4 portable Thergun offers unmatched performance for its minimal size.

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It features a unique triangular ergonomic grip. There is a super quiet, but powerful QX35 brushless motor, and can operate for up 150-hours off one charge.

Its three speeds operate at 1750, 2100 and 2400-rpm, speeds scientifically studied and calibrated at Therabody university. The unit comes in a high-quality, custom soft case making it easy to transport everywhere you go.

You must be craving a massage after getting through that list, and we fully encourage you to put your health and relaxation at the top of your priority list. Which one will be making its way into your gym bag in 2021? you need Best Massage Guns Available Now!

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