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The Best in Gaming Accessories!

The Best in Gaming Accessories!


The Best in Gaming Accessories! Gaming technology is advancing exponentially. Market researchers estimate the average adult gamer was spending over seven hours per week playing video games in 2019.

However, this has increased significantly again during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Games are not just advancing in terms of graphics, storylines and advanced controls. They are also becoming more immersive via virtual reality technology and online gaming connectivity.

Allowing people to team up or compete against each other all over the world. Want to check out more high end gear check out these great deals here!

These advancements are happening across the full spectrum of gaming mediums, including:

  • PC and Mac
  • Consoles (PS, Xbox, Nintendo etc.)
  • Smartphone and tablet gaming

As these technologies advance new gadgets and accessories are coming onto the market. They enhance our sound and visual experience while also protecting our eyes and bodies from adverse effects of being on our devices for extended periods.

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Read on to learn more about the best Gaming glasses and Gaming setup with other essential computer safety accessories.

Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Product Features:

  • Reduce the effects of blue light from screens
  • Stylish design
  • Comes in clear or yellow lens

Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses Reviewed

LED flat screens like TVs and computer monitors emit blue light. Recent studies into the effects of blue light on the human body may present several health concerns for people who spend a significant amount of time in front of LED screens.

However, people are not only exposed to blue light while gaming. Blue light is emitted from our work monitors, TVs and Smartphones.

Meaning people are exposed to this disruptive blue light for a majority of their average week.

Be it performing work tasks, checking messages and social media on their phones or! while being entertained with their favorite games and TV shows.

These studies have shown that blue light may have adverse effects on eye health and more concerning the amount and quality of sleep that is essential for a healthy brain and body.

One of the best tools to negate these effects is by wearing glasses that filter out this blue light, helping to regulate the production of melatonin, your brain’s sleep hormone.

As well as protecting your eyes from the strain of extended periods of exposure from monitors and screens.

These high-quality blue light glasses come in a range of colors and can have yellow or clear lenses. They are comfortable enough for all-day wear, with a professional style for corporate and office workers.


Effectively negates blue light’s effect on eyes and healthy sleep patterns by filtering blue light out while looking at LED screens, monitors and smartphones.


These glasses are not appropriate for people who require magnified lenses. Read on to learn more about an alternative product for the visually impaired.

Anti-Blue Light Clip-On Gaming Glasses

Product Features:

  • Protects against the effects of blue light
  • Clips onto your existing glasses
  • Comes in clear or yellow lenses

Firstly, if you are required to wear magnified or bifocal lenses while performing work duties, gaming or watching your favorite TV shows.

Then this is the best product to help you reduce the negative effects of blue light exposure.

There is nothing more uncomfortable or frustrating than wearing two pairs of glasses at once, as many who have had to wear sunglasses over magnified correctional glasses will have experienced.

These handy clip-on lenses can convert any pair of magnified lenses into the best gaming glasses.

Simply clip them onto the bridge of your existing lenses and flip the yellow or clear filters down for maximum protection from blue light emissions.


Above all, conveniently and effectively converts any pair of magnified correctional glasses into blue light glasses for gaming or general LED screen exposure.


May not be effective on large custom or fashion lenses. Speak to your optometrist about alternatives if you are concerned about your levels of blue light exposure.

ProPosture™ Posture Corrector


The Best in Gaming Glasses and Safe Gaming Accessories

Product Features:

  • Posture corrector
  • Reduces back pain from hunching
  • Perfect for gamers and office workers

ProPosture™ Posture Corrector Reviewed

Another health concern for avid gamers is poor posture.

Firstly, whether you are gaming on a PC, popular console like PS, Xbox and Nintendo, or playing your favorite mobile game. The odds are you are slouching or looking down at your screen.

Gamers often suffer from shoulder and neck pain due to playing with hunched shoulders and neck hyperextension.

Which can lead to chronic pain long term if not addressed. This can lead not only to neck! back and shoulder impairment, but also have adverse effects on sleep.

This simple but ingenious contraption effectively and comfortably aids you in maintaining optimal posture by keeping the shoulders back and helping you reduce neck hyperextension reducing pressure on your cervical and thoracic vertebrae.


Effective and comfortable posture correction for serious gamers and computer professionals, or people who wish to improve their general upper body posture.


A one size fits all. Above all, this product may not be suitable for people who have abnormally large shoulders, or people of larger stature.

Gaming Headset- Helmet Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

The Best in Gaming Headset and Gaming Accessories

Product Features:

  • Mobile gaming VR goggles
  • Built in headphones
  • Compatible with most popular smartphones

Gaming Headset- 3D Glasses Reviewed

Mobile gaming is thriving in the 2020s. The graphics and gameplay are beginning to catch up with PC and console gaming as smartphones technical specifications grow seemingly by the month.

 You can take your mobile gaming experience to the next level with these high-quality VR-goggles.

This technology not only transforms your favorite smartphone games and entertainment into a fully immersive sound and visual experience, but it also stops you from slouching and looking down. Therefore creating a more ergonomic experience.

These VR goggles also allow enough space for your magnified or blue light glasses to be worn simultaneously, negating the adverse effects of blue light on your eyes.


Allows for fully immersive VR gaming while maintaining a neutral posture, and reducing the amount of time spent looking down at your phone.


May not be ideal for people with pre-existing neck injuries, or people with light sensitivity issues.

Do you spend too much time slouching or suffer from prolonged exposure to blue light? We hope you have learnt something from reading about the best gaming glasses and other products for safer and more enjoyable gaming.

Above all, we strive to remain at the forefront of exciting new gaming products and technologies. Join our mailing list for regular product updates.

Keeping you updated with the latest Gaming accessories and gaming headsets team here at therefore, please follow us on on social media see you again soon.

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