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The Best In-Car Phone Holders

The Best In-Car Phone Holders


We all need The Best In-Car Phone Holders. It would be hard to imagine a world now without mobile phones. What was science fiction and fantasy just a few decades ago is now a daily reality for everyone. A small screen in our pocket that allows us to communicate instantly with everyone we know. And access to the entirety of human knowledge to date, at the swipe and tap of a finger.

Still, there is one thing we are not quickly adapting to. And that is using our phones and driving at the same times. In 2018 approximately 2841 died in serious accidents that were caused by distracted drivers. Many of which were mobile phone distractions. Because they were not using their in car phone holders!

This has prompted authorities around the world to impose hefty fines and penalties if motorists are caught using their phones while driving in an attempt to flatten the curve and preserve life.

But with all our technology starting to amalgamate into our mobile phones, including GPS tracking, what is the best solution to avoid distraction while still having access to maps and of course, music?

There are many different car phone holders on the market today, some magnetic, some that attach to the car vents, and some mechanical marvels connected via window suction. The team here at My Gear Expert is here to help you navigate your way through the world of in car phone holders and see what is trending in 2020. Read on for The Best In-Car Phone Holders we found.

Kaome 3 in 1 Phone Holder for In Car


Product Features:

  • Mechanical grip
  • Suction cup and vent mounts
  • Multiple angles

This sleek design car phone holder by Kaome can be attached just about anywhere in your car. It fits most popular smartphone brands and models, including the iPhone 8 to 11 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20 plus.

The unit comes with two mount types. A heavy-duty suction cup with long multi-angle arm and a small vent mount for space-saving. The mechanical mount can turn 360° and is made of high-quality ABS and PC plastic and is lined with soft foam and scratch-proof rubber pads to protect your phone.


Very versatile Car Phone Holders, the unit can be hung from the window, suspended for the dash top or clipped on your vent. Very secure keeping your phone safe from falling or shifting when turning corners or going over bumpy terrain.


The suction cup news a perfectly smooth surface to stick, textured dashboards may require a disc or modification. The suction cup arm may be bulky and restrict access to central controls or glove box.

Denir Bonee Car Cup Holder Phone

In-Car Phone Holders

Product Features:

  • Utilises cup holder as a base
  • Gooseneck design
  • Mechanical clasp

Do you find your car’s cup holders are a waste of space? This ingenious design puts them to good use. The Denir Bonee cup holder phone mount slots into most standard car cup holders providing stable support for your smart device without restricting air vent flow, applying stickers to surfaces or modifying your vehicle’s interior.

The mount has a gooseneck design lifting your phone for easy access and has 360° of rotation for precision placement. These Car Phone Holders offer an excellent solution for people who regularly use hire or lease cars for business and vehicles with cup holders near the centre dash.


No major modifications needed. Creates a strong base to keep your phone safe and stable in any vehicle type. The mechanical clamp will support most smartphone models.


These Car Phone Holders will only work if your car’s factory cup holders are appropriately positioned in the vehicle. Cup holders in the middle centre console may mean the product is appropriate.

CAW.CAR Accessories Universal In Car Phone Mount Magnetic


Product Features:

  • Robust metal composition.
  • Slimline magnet mount.
  • Sticks to any surface.

Magnetic Car Phone Holders have gained popularity in recent times. They are slim and minimalist and offer instant mounting of your smartphone without needing to adjust clamps or gooseneck style, phone holders.

The unit can adhere to any surface of the vehicle. Your phone gets magnetized to the mount via a metal adhesive disk that sticks to the back of your phone or protection case. The phone angle can be quickly and easily adjusted once the phone is attached. It has a stylish finish and will blend in seamlessly to most dashboard designs.

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Minimalist and easy to install. Requires no screws or interior modification. And leaves air vents free for fresh airflow and air conditioning. The seller offers a satisfaction guarantee.


Uses a strong adhesive for installation that may be tricky to remove. If you decide to uninstall it. Does require a disc to be stuck to your device, altering its aesthetic. Not suitable for heavy or bulky smart devices.

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 CD Slot Car Mount Phone Holder


Product features:

  • Slots into the cars CD player
  • Easy installation
  • Mechanical clasp

Most people are transitioning from using CDs in their car to streaming or connecting from their smartphone. This intelligent design allows you to use the CD player slot of your factory or aftermarket sound system to mount your phone in the center of the dashboard.

The unit sits just inside the player with no risk of damage. And the phone is mounted via a mechanical clamp. It is a slim design and is aesthetically compatible with most cars. The clasp is suitable for most popular smartphones on the market. Including iPhone, Samsung, Moto, Huawei, Nokia and LG.


Car Phone Holders perfectly fit into any car CD player without risk of damage. Minimalist design and suits most dash aesthetics. Easy installation! and keeps the phone in a central position.


Only one application. The phone will be in the center of the vehicle which may be inconvenient for seeing maps. Restricts CD player slot if you are using your player.

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