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The Best in Bluetooth Sound and Connectivity

The Best in Bluetooth Sound and Connectivity

Bluetooth has been the number one technology for wireless sound since 1999 and continues to be the highest quality and lowest latency wireless sounding medium today.

Firstly! it first made headway as a solution for wireless phone and device communication and has continued to develop in application and quality with the rise of smart devices.

Allowing different technologies to share files, images and high-quality sound in an instant.

Above all, the number of technologies enabled with Bluetooth these days is prolific, including: 

  • Phones
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • TAblets
  • Laptops and PC’s
  • Cameras and more

There seems to be no chance of Bluetooth becoming obsolete any time soon, and there has even been a range of products that enable Bluetooth connectivity with legacy devices making it easier than ever to experience the convenience of this revolutionary technology.

Bose Noise 700 Cancelling Wireless Headphones 

Bose Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones 700, with Alexa Voice Control, Arctic White

Product features:

  • Bluetooth wireless headphones
  • Noise-cancelling
  • 20-hours of battery life

Bose Noise 700 Cancelling Wireless Headphones 

Firstly, these quality Bose headphones for Tv and other devices feature a robust, compactable, stainless steel headband. They feature active noise canceling, allowing for interruption-free music and entertainment.

This allows you to connect to devices like smart TVs, music players, laptops, Pcs and phones.

While the built-in microphone allows you to take calls with crystal clear sound. You can control your device functions like call answering and volume via built-in controls as well as connect to Alexa home automation.

These headphones provide an impressive 20-hours of battery life per charge and come in a convenient travel case.


High-quality sound and long playtime allow for portability and convenience. Above all, it quickly and seamlessly connects to all Bluetooth enabled devices.


Only connects directly to Alexa voice command. Maybe a deal-breaker for Google home or other home automation system users.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

Product features:

  • Makes all speaker systems Bluetooth compatible
  • Multi-device connectivity
  • RCA and 3.5mm jack connection

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming

This ingenious but straightforward Bluetooth adapter by Logitech allows you to connect the unit to any home theatre, speaker system or stereo. Therefore, you can stream music and audio from your smartphone or smart device like a tablet, laptop or PC.

The unit connects via a 3.5mm auxiliary cable or stereo RCA cable. This Bluetooth receiver also allows you to stream from retro Bluetooth equipped record players and tape decks.

The impressive unit also has an extended range capability enabling you to stream music from up to 50-feet away.


Above all, allows you to connect your Bluetooth devices to legacy technology like amplifier and stereo systems.


This unit is only capable of receiving Bluetooth data and cannot be used to send data from devices. This unit also requires its own power source.

ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter/ Bluetooth Dongle Receiver, Laptop & PC Support, 

ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter w/ Bluetooth Dongle Receiver, Laptop & PC Support, Windows 10 Plug and Play /8/7/XP, Printers, Phones, Headsets, Speakers, Keyboards, Controllers,Black

Product features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 USB adapter
  • Frequency Band: 2.4~2.4835GHz
  • Slimline design

ASUS USB-BT400 USB Adapter review 

Firstly, the innovative team at ASUS present this slimline and easy to connect Bluetooth USB adapter for laptop and PC.

Simply plug it into your device to receive a signal from any Bluetooth enabled device to share files and images, stream music and more.

Above all, the Slimline design makes for easy portability, and the unit is suitable for a variety of windows based devices. It can pair with multiple devices at once and can connect USB 2.0 up to 3Mbps at over 10-meters in free space.


Easily and reliably connect your PC or laptop to other Bluetooth devices within range. 


Make sure you check the specifications to ensure it will connect to your brand and model of PC or laptop. Updates may be required.

1Mii Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Bluetooth Audio Adapter

1Mii Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver Bluetooth Audio Adapter for TV PC Home Stereo with aptX Low Latency HiFi Sound & NFC, Optical RCA AUX 3.5mm - B03

Product features:

  • Bluetooth transmitter and receiver
  • Audio adapter for TV, PC and home stereo
  • Low latency

1Mii Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter Review

Firstly, this is an all-in-one Bluetooth solution for home entertainment. As a result, this ultra-low latency Bluetooth transmitter and receiver can be connected to your TV, PC, or home stereo system. 

Above all, the unit connects via a 3.5mm auxiliary cable, optical or stereo RCA connections and can connect to multiple Bluetooth enabled devices with the simple push of a button.

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It boasts an incredible range of up to 230-feet for music streaming, file sharing and more.


Above all, an all in one solution for sending and receiving Bluetooth signals and files from devices like TVs, stereos, computers and smart devices.

Therefore, this is a stunning choice.


This unit requires its own power source. Make sure you check all specifications to ensure your device is compatible with this unit.

MEE audio Connect Bluetooth Headphones for TV

MEE audio Connect Bluetooth Wireless Headphone System for TV - Includes Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter and Headphones - AF-T and AF52

Product features:

  • Adapts TV to Bluetooth audio
  • Receiver and headphone combo
  • Three connection options

MEE audio Connect Bluetooth Headphones For Tv Review

Firstly, MEE is a relative newcomer to the electronics market and have been operating for just over seven years.

The headphones specialists have made this handy headphone and transmitter combo, allowing you to receive wireless audio from your entertainment center.

You can easily fit the transmitter to your TV or sound system via the 3.5mm auxiliary jack, the stereo RCA ports or the optical link.

Therefore, you can connect to two sets of MEE wireless Bluetooth headphones and receive the signal from up to 30-feet away.


Above all, a great way of converting your legacy TV into a Bluetooth compatible unit to receive high-quality entertainment audio.


TV and audio is the only application for this product. Therefore, not capable of sending and receiving files or image sharing.

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