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The Best Foot Massager for Aching Feet

The Best Foot Massager for Aching Feet

The Best Foot Massager for Aching Feet. Firstly, are you on your feet all day? Do you suffer from swollen ankles? Aching arches? Shin splints? Calf pain? Well, you are not alone. 

In addition,, an Australian university study suggests that as many as one in five people suffer from chronic foot pain, especially those over the age of 65, which brought these statistics to one in three. That is a lot of sore, tired and painful feet!

After all, your feet are the quite often unsung heroes of your body. They bear the full weight of your body for most of the day, throughout your entire life, taking punishment at work, during sport, running for the train, chasing the kids, they really are supernatural appendages.

Many factors may be contributing to your sore, painful feet, including:
  • Improperly fit shoes
  • Excess bodyweight
  • Diabetes
  • Tendonitis
  • Fallen arches
  • Pes planus or “flat feet”
  • Sprains
  • General inflammation and more

The only way to get to the bottom of your swollen trotters is to seek professional medical opinions or see a physio or podiatrist.

Unless you are ticklish or have an aversion to your feet being touched, deep tissue massage can work wonders on sore, tired, overworked feet.

However, if seeking out a professional massage therapist to give your creaky kickers a good rub-down isn’t an option, what else can you do? 

Luckily science and engineering have come to the rescue again. Some intelligent humans have invented a tireless foot therapist that is more than happy to rub the knots out of your aggravated arches all day, every day.

In addition, some excellent electric foot massager machines are available online, and some even double as a lower leg massager. So without further ado, put your feet up and read on for our selection of the best foot massagers available online now. 

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine

Product Features:

  • Massages feet, ankles and calves
  • Five-massage modes
  • In addition, three intensity levels

The Sole Solutions Shiatsu foot massager by Cloud Massage offers a therapeutic solution for your weary legs, ankles and feet. It utilizes deep Japanese shiatsu style kneading techniques via a series of rotating massage heads.

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Review

Simple slip sore feet, ankles or calves between the cloth massage wells and select one of five massage settings including:

  • Rolling massage
  • Compression therapy
  • Sway function
  • Heat therapy
  • Relaxing quiet mode

Each massage setting has three adjustable levels of intensity; from gentle to strong. The adjustable bar allows you complete control over the units angle and can be used sitting in a chair or laying down. The adjustable bar also acts as a convenient handle for easy transportation and storage.

This versatile foot and leg massager could be helpful in the treatment and management of foot pain caused by:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Heel spurs
  • Swelling
  • Workout recovery

This unit is also ideal for all tired and overworked feet. Overall this is an excellent product with a long list of happy customers, and a healthy amount of four to five-star reviews.

CINCOM Foot and Leg Massager with Heat, Air Compression Leg Massager

Product Features:

  • Air compression foot and leg massager
  • Heat therapy settings
  • Simultaneous leg and foot massage

Whether you suffer from calf, ankle and foot conditions, or an avid gym junkie that loves to smash your lower legs on legs day, then this air compression leg and foot massager from the innovators at Cincom is for you.

Simply slide your lower legs and feet into the easy to clean adjustable wraps and apply the Velcro straps for a full, all-over massage of the calves ankles and feet. This massage marvel utilizes air compression to squeeze and knead your sore or lactic leg muscles while providing three adjustable heat therapy modes for increased blood circulation.

CINCOM Foot and Leg Massager with Heat, Air Compression Leg Massager Reviewed

There are two heat settings and three massage modes, each with three adjustable intensity rates. The air pump is ultra-quiet, ensuring you are left in a state of pure relaxation.

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Foldable Machine Shiatsu Rolling Tapping

Product features:

  • Professional, day spa-grade massager
  • Versatile
  • In addition multifunction and heat therapy feature

Firstly the Naipo calf and foot massager offers professional-grade technology in the comfort of your own home. Therefore, relieve sore feet, ankles and calves with a day spa-level relaxation and pampering massage daily, and let your troubles melt away.

In addition, this deluxe massage machine utilises air compression technology to deliver a range of massage modes, including:

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  • Shiatsu rolling
  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Scraping
  • Compression

These features can be run in combination with the heat therapy settings, to increase blood flow and work out lactic acid and other toxins.

In addition, it features smart timing functions and adjustable intensities. The detachable inner covers make this unit a breeze to clean and folds up for easy storage and transportation. 

Naipo Foot and Calf Massager Foldable Machine Shiatsu Rolling Tapping Reviewed

Therefore, if you suffer from chronic leg pain or are a passionate runner or athlete, this machine offers professional-grade massage therapy daily- an investment you won’t regret.

EMS Foot Massager USB Rechargeable Electric Foot Stimulator Massager

Product features:

  • EMF/TENS machine for the feet
  • Uses electrical pulses to massage muscles
  • In addition, USB rechargeable

Firstly, suppose you have ever had a physio or chiro use an EMF or TENS machine on you. In that case, you will know the feeling of having your muscles massage themselves using contractions via electrical impulses. As a result, as unpleasant as this sounds, it feels amazing!

In addition, EMF/TENS machines usually use electrode pads to stimulate the muscles they are placed on. Therefore this ingenious mat acts as a permanent electrode pad custom made for the feet. Therefore, simply unroll the mat, select your desired mode, and relax with your feet on the pad.

In addition, this wireless, USB rechargeable, EMF foot massager features six-electro-massage modes and nine-intensity settings. Therefore, it will help improve circulation, relax stiff muscles, and aid in relieving foot and leg pain. When you are finished, simply roll the soft mat up, and tuck it away in your travel, work, or gym bag. The Best Foot Massager read on


Which automatic foot massager would you choose for your irritated innersoles? After all, these types of massage machines may be putting traditional massage therapists out of business! 

In addition, the team here at MGE love a good massage, as much as we love finding all the best physical therapy gear online, like foot massagers and leg massagers.

In conclusion, The Best Foot Massager if you want to keep up with all the latest home therapy technology, sign up for our mailing list. Not only will you stay at the forefront of trending personal health products; you will also gain access to exclusive offers and members-only deals.

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