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The Best Emergency Radio 2021

The Best Emergency Radio 2021


The Best Emergency Radio for Your Emergency Response Kit. Firstly, our planet is changing. As a result, global warming is having a real-time effect on our global weather patterns. Therefore, the last 20-years has seen a significant rise in extreme weather events, creating an unpredictable future for humanity.

From 2000 to 2019, there were 7348-official natural disasters. Therefore these extreme events claimed the lives of 1.23-million people and resulted in a $2.9-trillion economic loss.. 

Therefore the previous two decades (1980-1999) saw 4212 natural disasters that claimed 1.19-million lives and $1.63-trillion in global economic losses, which is a significant jump in a relatively short amount of time.

Many people have been left will little to show for the life they previously had, from extreme bushfires across the world to floods, hurricanes, tornados, volcanos, and tsunamis. Many people have been left will little to show for the life they previously had, many of those affected coming from places that already suffered extreme poverty.

After all, these uncertain times have led many to consider having a survival pack or ‘bug out bag’ ready to go if things go pear-shaped. 

A Good Bug Out Bag

Firstly, a good bug out bag contains some essential things you may need to get you through a few days after disaster strikes and could contain items like:

  • Canned food and water
  • Utensils
  • Firestarter or burner
  • Torches

You will also need medications if required, and it could be worth sticking an old school map and compass in there, just in case technology goes down.

Something else that is good to keep in your pack is an emergency radio. An emergency radio can be a lifesaver when trying to get information via emergency broadcasts, providing critical information like oncoming weather conditions after a major event.

Therefore thse radios usually have a crank-driven recharge handle and solar panel, allowing the radio’s battery to charge without a mains power source. After all, modern emergency radios often have a USB power connection to charge smartphones from the same device.

As a result, we have selected some of the more popular emergency radios getting picked up online for people’s emergency response kits. Therefore, read on for more information.

Running Snail Emergency Crank Radio,4000mAh-Solar Hand Crank Portable

Product Features:

  • Hand crank and solar-charged
  • In-built-emergency lighting
  • 4000mAh battery capacity

Firstly, this brilliant emergency radio by Running Snail is the best emergency radio for your emergency response kit. After all, this unit has a 4000mAh battery storage capacity to reliably recharge battery capacity via mains power, external battery, solar panel or hand crank.

It can access AM, FM and seven-NOAA radio so you can get all critical state or national information during a weather crisis. There is also a powerful emergency LED flashlight built to provide you with both light and emergency signal.

Other features in the feature-packed unit include:
  • Three flashlight modes
  • SOS alarm
  • Four-charging options

In conclusion, this unit has a long list of four to five-star reviews on Amazon and has made it to the top of our list for value for money.

MAKSH Portable Solar Hand Crank Radio with LCD Display, 5-Way Powered NOAA Weather

Product Features:

  • Firstly, multiple power sources
  • Powered five-ways
  • Compact

This compact emergency radio by MAKSH offers reliable access to emergency radio transmissions while acting as an additional power source to power other USB powered devices that are useful in an emergency, like your smartphone.

This compact radio is perfect for minor bug out bags for individuals and is bright in color, so it’s easy to locate when needed.

As a result, some of the features including on this mini-powerhouse of an emergency radio include:
  • Firstly, seven NOAA weather stations
  • Solar panel
  • USB charger

This radio also has an earphone jack, so you can isolate information in circumstances where there is heavy wind or loud activity in the background. In conclusion, this unit offers a lot of bang for your buck, get one in your emergency backpack today.

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio,

Product Features:

  • Firstly, convenient carry handle
  • IPX3 water-resistant
  • 4000mAh battery-capacity

This is the ultimate emergency radio for your emergency response kit, especially in a regional area. As a result this robust unit is designed to be used in extreme weather conditions with a water-resistance rating of IXP3.

Therefore, this unit is made for the rigours of the outdoors in extreme situations. It is compact and has a convenient top-mounted handle allowing you to effortlessly carry the unit by your side when walking through dark, unknown territory at night.

This emergency radio also features:
  • Firstly 4000mAh battery/power bank capacity
  • USB charging port
  • Solar panel
  • Compact hand crank
  • AAA battery hub

In conclusion, it is perfect for emergencies, camping, hiking, trail riding, fishing and boating, bushcraft training, or survival adventures.

Eton Rugged Multi powered Portable Emergency Weather Radio & Flashlight, Green (NSP101WXGR)

Product Features:

  • Firstly, compact emergency radio with carabiner lock.
  • Rugged, robust design
  • Full features

If you are well prepared to go solo when the weather turns ugly, then Eton’s Scorpion II is the perfect solo survivalist emergency radio.

Therefore, this small by feature-packed radio can slip into any backpack or compact bug out bag or clipping onto your pack or belt via the heavy-duty carbine handle. As a result, its rugged design is ready for the rigours of extreme weather and has a weather-resistance rating of IPX4.

In conclusion for such a compact unit, you miss out on nothing! Therefore this brilliant mini emergency radio features:

  • Firstly AM/FM and NOAA weather radio
  • Digital tuner and display
  • 800mAh power bank/battery
  • As a result 5v-1amp output

Firstly, this unit truly is the ultimate survivalist emergency radio. It is also handy to use if you are into extreme sports. Like kayaking, water skiing, mountain biking, survival camping, rock climbing or other activities where you could get caught out in bad weather.

So which emergency radio did you pick for your emergency response kit?

Therefore the team here at My Gear Expert is all about safety and being well equipped in an emergency. We are on the pulse when it comes to emergency response technologies, like the best emergency radios.

The Best Emergency Radio for Your Emergency Response Kit. In conclusion, if you want to keep up to date on all the latest survival gear, sign up for our mailing list. As a result, you can get access to regularly updated content, exclusive deals and member-only specials throughout the year.

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