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The Best Dog Muzzles 2021

The Best Dog Muzzles 2021


When most people think of dog muzzles that assume it is a device for large, aggressive dogs who have aggressive tendencies. However, dog muzzles can offer a range of benefits to dogs of all sizes and their owners. 

Dog muzzles can aid in preventing biting during training and grooming, discourage your dog from licking wounds, control poor eating and chewing habits, and keep your dogs safer when going for walks. 

Like all things, muzzles have come along over the years. They are now made from a variety of modern materials and come in more ergonomic and comfortable designs for your dog. Read on below to discover some of the most popular muzzles for dogs on the market in 2021.

Company of Animals Baskerville Ultra dog muzzles


Product Details

  • All-round protection from biting or nipping dogs
  • Made of malleable thermal plastic rubber
  • Ergonomically designed safety strapping

The Baskerville muzzle by The Company of Animals is one of the most popular muzzles on the market. Designed by Dr Roger Ford, it has been specifically designed for maximum protection while remaining comfortable and not restricting drinking or panting.

This muzzle for dogs is tough and durable, comes in a range of sizes and can be heat shaped for customisation. It has an optional overhead security strap and is also treat friendly, which aids in training.

MyfatBOSS Dog Muzzle

dog muzzles

Product Details

  • All-round protection
  • Adjustable wire leather basket
  • Easy to use

This adjustable muzzle is ideal for restricting biting and barking without compromising the dog’s breathing or comfort. The harness is made out of high-quality, durable leather and has a classic style chrome wire basket as well as an adjustable overhead strap for an extra secure fit.

These are perfect dog muzzles for training, walking, grooming and veterinary visits, it is easy to fit quickly to reduce any distress. It allows for unlimited nose licking and easy access to drinking water. 

CollarDirect Adjustable 2PCS Dog Muzzles

dog muzzles

Product Details

  • Two-piece set
  • Easy to clean
  • Three sizes available

These robust, breathable nylon dog muzzles are a great way to leave in the car or take on a trip. They are easy to clean and pack away. They come in small, medium and large sizes, making them perfect for a variety of dog breeds including Jack Russells, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Dalmatians, Labradors, Rottweilers and other breeds with similar snout.

The product comes as a two-piece set in red or black. These muzzles can be used for vet visits, grooming, public places and as an aid to reduce licking after injury or surgery.

Goodboy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Goodboy Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs

Product Details

  • Prevents biting and unwanted chewing
  • Soft neoprene padding
  • No more chafing

GoodBoy has designed the soft, lightweight neoprene padded dog muzzles to optimize your dog’s comfort and reduce rubbing and chafing. It effectively restrains your dog’s ability to chew and bark while still allowing ample room for breathing, panting, and drinking water.

The collar and connection strap is easy to adjust the muzzle into the perfect position. Prevents unwanted chewing, biting and licking of sores or wounds. A great daily walk muzzle for both small and large dogs.

Lepark Dog Muzzle

Lepark Dog Muzzle

Product Details

  • Soft and gentle
  • Quick to fit
  • Minimalistic design

Lepark has designed easy to fit dog muzzle that is easy to adjust and fastens on with one easy clip. It comes in five sizes, making it a perfect muzzle for every dog size and breed.

Made from durable high-density nylon straps with a soft oxford cloth lining, these dog muzzles are both comfortable and breathable. It provides maximum protection from biting and barking without restricting your dog’s ability to pant and drink.

Mayerzon Breathable Basket Muzzle

Mayerzon Breathable Basket Muzzle

Product Details

  • Robust but soft
  • Non-toxic rubber
  • Secure and adjustable

If your dog is prone to biting or barking when going out on walks, then this durable plastic muzzle is perfect. It comes in five sizes, offering a selection for any size or breed. 

The Mayerzon basket muzzle is made from soft, comfortable but robust rubber and covers the dog’s entire snout, and has three-way fastening straps for an extra secure fit. Even though it is a full snout muzzle, it does not restrict your canine from nose licking, panting, drinking or receiving treats for good behaviour.

BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket

BronzeDog Metal Wire Basket Dog Muzzle

Product Details

  • Perfect for large dogs
  • Four adjustable straps
  • Genuine leather and metal basket

BronzeDog has designed this muzzle especially for larger breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs and Rottweilers. It offers maximum ventilation for heavy panting and stops the dog eating things off the ground without restricting the ability to drink.

There are four adjustable straps for ultimate security but does not compromise the comfort of your pet. It is constructed out of quality leather with a chrome wire basket making it robust and long-lasting. 

GUXL Short Snout Dog Muzzle

GUXL Short Snout

Product Details

  • Ideal for small dogs with short snouts
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Easy to clean

One for the smaller fur babies, this full-face muzzle is perfect for small dogs with short snouts like Pugs, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.

The muzzle is made of a breathable mesh construction for breathability with robust nylon straps for reliability. Its full-face structure is very comfortable for dogs, as well and skin-friendly and easy to clean. This muzzle comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Head to My Gear Expert for all the latest in pet protective gear, dog nutrition, and accessories. Join our mailing list to receive regular updates about new products, informational content, and special offers.

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