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The Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2021

The Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2021


Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020. What do you get for the gamer that has everything? We all know one; they have all the tech, all the novelties, action figures, posters, these people live and breathe gaming. Christmas is on the horizon, and in a year when online spending was at a historical peak due to lockdown, what gift ideas could possibly be left?

Well, we got online and did some deep geek research for you, and we think some of these ideas may have slipped through the gamer radar. So chuck on your Santa hat, grab an early eggnog and read through our list of some of the best Christmas gifts for gamers in 2020.

Anti-Blue Light Gaming Glasses

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Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020

Product features:

  • Blue light filter glasses
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Address screen fatigue

For many gamers, computers are their whole life. When they aren’t slaying, shooting and problem solving on their current gaming obsession, many gamers will now also be working from home on their laptops.

A study from Harvard health has stated that blue light that is admitted from all LED screens, including smartphones, TVs, computers and gaming monitors can wreak havoc on our sleeping patterns by throwing out our circadian rhythm.

This has even been linked to possible disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Blue light glasses filter out this light, and although it is early days as far as research goes, many people have sung their praises reporting less eye, headaches and mental fatigue. How are you liking Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020? let us know!


An affordable gift for any serious gamer, and maybe a not so subtle hint they could spend a little less time in front of a screen.


You need to ensure your beloved gamer does not require prescription glasses. If they do, you will need to find a pair at the right magnification.

Elite Mobile Phone Gamepad

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Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020

Product features:

  • Smartphone gaming control
  • Improved gaming performance
  • Sweatproof plastic construction

We all know that gamer that will fill every spare second with the opportunity to play. If they aren’t plugged into their Xbox or Play-station, they will be engaged in PVP first-person shooters or classic arcade games on their mobile.

This innovative game controller allows most standard sized smartphones to clip into this classic hand controller offering a realistic gaming experience on the go. It is designed of high-quality plastic that is robust enough to throw into a backpack and is sweat resistant.

This product allows for four-finger operation, and improved control, especially in POV gaming like shooting and adventure games. The added control increases smartphone gaming performance which will satisfy even the most competitive gamer.


Higher levels of smartphone gaming performance allow for fewer mistakes while gaming on touch screens and boasts increased wins on PVP and first-person games.


The biggest downside of this product is the fact that you may never get the attention of gaming buddy ever again! 

Adjustable Ergonomic Portable Laptop Desk

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Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020

Product features:

  • Ergonomic laptop stand
  • Fully customizable
  • Aids in laptop cooling

With more people working from home in the COVID new normal, many have had to adjust their living spaces to accommodate remote workstations. This means laptops are becoming essential home working devices as well as internet tools and entertainment center’s.

This handy ergonomic laptop stand is a fantastic device that allows you to raise, lower and accommodate all surfaces in your home; whether you are working on the coffee table, kitchen bench, desk or from the luxury of your own bed.

The stand features two, three-tier legs that can be adjusted to any environment, including uneven surfaces. It has plenty of ventilation on the main support bed and features a handy mouse control surface.


A brilliant laptop companion for both work and play, It allows you to change position throughout the day and folds down for easy portability.

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This item gives you even more excuse to spend more time on your laptop. Don’t forget to get up and move around at least once an hour for improved health.

Ergonomic Vertical Gaming Mouse

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Best Christmas Gifts for Gamers 2020

Product features:

  • Ergonomic mouse design
  • Optimised for gaming
  • Reduced wrist fatigue 

Help your gamer friend avoid conditions like RSI, carpal tunnel and a wrist that sounds more like a cement mixer than an appendage. This gaming mouse has been redesigned to have an ergonomic shape that is better suited to the wrist’s natural position.

As well as redesigning the orientation, the function buttons have also been optimised to improve control over your gaming, giving you a realistic trigger feel for PVP first shooters and higher performance on epic adventure games.

It also boasts excellent technical specs and its 2.4G wireless range functions from up to 10-metres. It features six control buttons including left and right triggers, scroll wheel, forward and backward and DPI-shift.


This mouse can reduce wrist pain and gaming fatigue by optimizing the natural wrist and finger position, while also increasing gaming control and performance.


Some serious gamers like to have extra weight in their gaming mouse; this unit is very light. It would be worth doing some subtle questioning before you purchase.

So which Christmas present will you be getting for your favorited gamer? Maybe you have found an early present for yourself, and self-care is important!

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