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The Best Butcher Knife Sets for Your Home Kitchen

The Best Butcher Knife Sets for Your Home Kitchen


looking for The Best Butcher Knife Sets for Your Home Kitchen? Aside from maybe a spartan or samurai warrior, there is one kind of craftsperson that wields a working blade like no other, and that is your local butcher. These unique tradespeople are swift with the steel and use a keen eye and superior skill to navigate a well-crafted set of blades.

Most butchers have their own unique set of knives that they choose to use for their craft, and like a seasoned warrior keep their blades well maintained and for private use only, no other hands are welcome to come into contact with their trusty set of knives.

Although each butcher will have preferences, a standard set of butchers knives could contain the following:

  • Butchers knife
  • Boning knife
  • Chef knife
  • Slicing knife
  • Carving knife
  • Filleting knife
  • Skinning knife
  • Cleaver
  • Sharpening or honing steel

A professional butcher may keep a small or large collection of knives, some that may be custom made or unorthodox blades depending on the types of meat they specialize in. A butchers knife set may also include a chainmail or mesh glove for added protection.

Most home meat enthusiasts and passionate BBQ aficionados will opt for purchasing a pre-packaged set of knives to get themselves set up, and many leading knife manufacturers take the guesswork out of buying a decent butcher’s set.

If you wish to master the swift culinary blades of the kitchen warrior, we have put together a shortlist to help you select the perfect butcher knife set for your cook space. Read on to learn more.

Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit

Victorinox Swiss Army Field Dressing Kit

Product features:

  • Seven-piece set
  • Includes honing steel
  • Professional cutlery role

Victorinox is a name synonymous with quality knives since 1884 and is the sole manufacture of the famous Swiss Army Knife used by the Swiss military. They also make world-class premium quality watches, and as we see here, professional-grade butcher knives.

These beautiful Swiss-made pieces of high-quality cutlery are all you may need for your meal preparations, both in the kitchen or out hunting, be it game hunting in the forest or out on the boat fishing.

This set comes with a 10-Inch cimeter, 8-Inch breaking knife, 6-Inch boning knife, 3.25-Inch paring knife, 6-Inch filleting blade, and 10-Inch honing steel, all beautifully contained in a robust Victorinox custom cutlery roll.


The brand says it all. Victorinox only makes professional, high-quality cutlery, and this comes razor sharp and ready to go out of the pack.


There is not much to criticize when it comes to Victorinox knives. Some people may prefer the feel and aesthetic of a natural wooden handle, but based on reviews, these knives are top quality, handle to tip.

Outdoor Edge Game Processor, 12-Piece Field to Freezer Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set

Outdoor Edge Game Processor, 12-Piece Field to Freezer Hunting & Game Processing Knife Set with Caping Knife, Gut-Hook Skinner, Boning/Fillet Knife, Butcher Knife, Wood/Bone Saw, Shears, and More

Product features:

  • Butchers set for hunters
  • 12-pieces
  • Robust molded carry case

If your preferred kitchen is the great outdoors, then this is the set for you. Custom designed for the hunter, this kit has everything you need, be it for small or large game and is made to withstand all conditions and terrain while maintaining the edges of the blades.

All blades are full-tang and have rubberized non-slip handles to ensure safety. They moo come presented in a robust hard moulded-plastic carry case, where everything has a custom space to keep each individual blade protected.

The kit consists of a caping knife, gut-hook skinner, boning/fillet knife, butcher knife, wood/ bone saw, carving fork, ribcage spreader, game cleaning gloves, tungsten carbide sharpener, and full-size cutting board.


A perfect gift for the survivalist or hunting enthusiasts, this set comes with everything you could possibly need for both the great outdoors and home butchering.


Some of the items will be new to the average home cook, and some things may need some investigation and study to use correctly.

Case Household Cutlery Knives

Case Household Cutlery Knives

Product features:

  • Nine-piece home cutlery set
  • Walnut wood-handles and knife block
  • Made in the USA

CASE knives are a name synonymous with quality blades made in Bradford, PA, USA. This beautiful kitchen set gives you everything you need for razor-sharp home meat cutting, but also every other knife you could need to turn your prime cuts into unforgettable meals for friends and family.

This set features eight beautiful, full-tang blades set in natural walnut wood triple-riveted handles, kept in a classic walnut wood knife block, an aesthetically pleasing, functional centerpiece for any indoor or outdoor home kitchen.

The set comes with 3″ spear point paring knife, 6.5″ tomato slicer, 6″ boning knife, 7″ santoku knife, 8″ chef’s knife, 9″ slicing knife, serrated bread knife, and 10″ honing stick. 

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A perfect kitchen knife set for preparing quality meat cuts and turning them into something special. The walnut block makes for a great display.


Best for working with butcher bought meat; not really intended for butchering off the bone. Watch the wood in the dishwasher, best to hand wash these knives.

Jero 4 Piece P3 Butcher Meat Processing Set, Cimeter, Breaking, and Boning Knives, Plus 10″ Mundial Steel

The Best Butcher Knife Sets for Your Home Kitchen
The Best Butcher Knife Sets for Your Home Kitchen

Product features:

  • Industry grade butchers knives
  • Mundial steel
  • Four-piece set

Sometimes the simpler, the better. This set of professional, industry-grade butchers knives is an excellent present for an apprentice butcher or hunter. These quality knives made by the team at Jero provide nearly everything needed for expert meat processing.

The quality German, Mundial steel ensures hours of razor-sharp usage, making them safe and durable. The handles are made of hygienic and robust temperature resistant dense injection moulded polymer to withstand professional utensil washers and sanitisers.

The set comes with 10″ cimeter, 8″ breaking Knife, 6″ curved boning blade, and high-quality honing steel.


Perfect for hunters with a home butchering set up, or people who are starting out in the butcher’s trade as a new employee or an apprentice.


Not a pretty set of knives, this is designed for professional usage by meat industry professionals. They do require regular sharpening and maintenance.

So which of our butcher’s knife sets will you be grabbing for your kitchen or hunting trip? Remember, a sharp, high-quality knife is a safe knife; it is the blunt ones that get you!

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