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The Best Boot Dryers of 2021

The Best Boot Dryers of 2021


My Gear Expert team brings you the best boot dryers of 2021. Read on to see some of the best shoe drier products reviewed thoroughly.

There is nothing more depressing and miserable than walking for miles in saturated socks and wet boots. Long periods with wet feet can present an array of health problems like trench foot, which causes your feet to swell, creates blisters, redness and sometimes skin rot after prolonged exposures.

Allowing your hiking or work boots to stay wet or dry too slowly also presents the opportunity for harmful bacteria and fungi to develop leaving you at risk of developing tinea or ‘athlete’s foot’ as well as leaving your boots smelling like the living dead. 

Technology and innovation come to the rescue again. Since the first boot dryers were manufactured by the company Peet, in 1968, many other manufacturers have remodelled and redesigned their own unique boot dryers.

Hot air boot dryers come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some are compact and USB powered for travellers and adventures, others are powerful units that sit by your front door to dry your daily workwear.

So pull yourself up by our bootstraps, and follow us as we walk our way through some of the best boot dryers of 2021.

PEET Dryer M97-FSB Original Boot Dryers

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Product features:

  • Drys and deodorizes
  • Quiet and energy-efficient
  • Sanitizes footwear in 3-8 hours

The original PEET shoe and boot dryers are a simple, effective tools to keep your footwear dry and sanitary. This custom air dryer completely removes moisture, sweat, and odour, preventing the mold and mildew.

Keeping your shoes dry also helps to preserve your footwear, providing you with a longer life expectancy from your hard-working boots. These boot dryers are near silent and runs off less power than a standard light globe.

PEET and so confident with the high-quality of their boot dryers they offer a 25-year warranty on all working parts. The company catch cry has always been “we invented dry”, and we may just believe them.


The original boot drying system, this unit delivers what it promises, giving you dry and deodorized shoe’s day in, day out.


This unit is durable but still has plastic parts. Use with care.

Dries Up USB Boot Dryers

USB boot dryers

Product features:

  • USB powered
  • Portable
  • 9-ft. retractable cable

If you work away or often travel these handy USB powered shoe and boot dryers by Dries Up are for you. They tuck away neatly into your bag and can be connected to mains power or any USB port to dry and sanitise your work shoes or steel-cap boots.

The convenient, retractable USB cable extends up to nine-feet. The unit is quiet and barely uses any power. Simply place them inside your footwear, turn them on then walk away. The kit comes with a wall adapter and a car adaptor making it perfect for work, hiking, travel or home use.

These boot dryers can also operate from its in-built 21,000 mAh battery offering up to 100+ hours of drying time per charge.


Very easy to use with a simple and compact design. The main units and lengthy retractable cable store easily in your work bag, sports bag, vehicle or luggage.


Retractable cables do have a tendency to wear out quickly with regular use; however, a standard USB cable can be used once this inevitably occurs.

KOODER Boot Dryer

KOODER Boot Dryers,Shoe Dryer,Foot Dryer ! Eliminate Bad Odor and sanitize Shoes!

Product features:

  • Sanitizes and deodorizes
  • 360° warm air
  • Temperature control

The unique design of the KOODER boot dryers and deodorizer allows for 360° dry airflow, evenly distributing the air around the entire shoe or boot. The air temperature is also adjustable for different kinds of footwear.

You can use minimum heat on items like sneakers or surf boots, and raise the temperature for footwear like leather office footwear, steel caps and snow boots. There is a length adjustment feature that makes them versatile for any shoe, and their compact design makes storage or transportation a breeze.

The dual units have a heat resistant finish that protects your inner fabrics from excessive heat, as well as protecting your hands from the PTC heat generator. It comes with a high-quality power cable that can withstand up to 20kg of force.

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Great product with excellent reviews. These dryers are compact, versatile and adaptable to all shoe types.


These things can get hot!!! Be careful with high-quality fashion shoes until you get used to the heat adjustment functions.

MaxxDry Shoe Dryer XL

Product features:

  • Up to four garments at once
  • Extendable tubes
  • UL listed product

This heavy-duty boot dryer by MaxxDry has been tested and certified for quality and compliance by UL, ensuring you are purchasing a tried and tested boot dryers. The unit is designed to take up to four garments, including items like work or snow gloves.

It features a quiet full-bearing motor that is rated at massive 80,000-hours of operation. The unit also has a precision heat control offering the perfect drying, sanitizing and deodorizing temperature for each garment.

The removable extension tubes make this unit versatile, allowing for footwear of all sizes from soaked football boots to well-worn hiking or work boots. This unit is also power-efficient, saving you money on your power bills.


Versatile and easy to use, the MaxxDry boot dryers are one of the best on the market. The UL certification provides proof of this product’s quality.


Nothing really brings this product down. This unit is a powerful drying tool, so take care with expensive shoes and leather until you are used to the temperature control.

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