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The Best Blackhead Removal Tools Available Today

The Best Blackhead Removal Tools Available Today


The Best Blackhead Removal Tools. For many people, blackheads are a daily struggle. People with oily skin or inflammatory dermal conditions seem to be constantly cleaning, exfoliating and buying expensive treatments for their blackhead problem. 

There are a number of things that can contribute to black heads, including:
  • Skin with excess oil or sebum
  • Propionibacterium acnes bacteria on the skin
  • Dirty skin and irritated skin follicles
  • Hormonal changes and imbalances
  • Certain drugs and medications

Blackheads can also be caused by diet as well as some allergens. If you suspect allergens are contributing to your blackheads, it may be worth mentioning it to your doctor or nutritionist, you may find a simple adjustment to your lifestyle may make all the difference.

So what do you do about blackheads without taking medications with potential side effects? The goods news is there are many chemical and drug free options for removing blackheads, and My Gear Expert is here to give you the rundown on some of the best Blackhead Removal Tools to use. Read on to learn more.

Pimple Popper Tool – Aooeou Professional Stainless Steel Extractor Tool Kit-

Product features:

  • Pimple and blackhead removal kit
  • 10-piece toolset
  • Handy carry case

A set of these surgical style tools used to be the best way to cope with significant blackhead and acne problems. The tools are generally made of surgical steel for easy sterilising, and come in a range of tips and shapes to give a comprehensive range of options for different face-types and skin conditions.

This type of system does require some getting used to, and you need to be careful around eyes and cavities as you develop a technique. For people with severe blackhead conditions, these kits are still a good option for deep cleans.


Easy to clean and store, this kit is an excellent thing to keep in the bathroom drawer or throw in your bag when travelling to deal with sudden breakouts.


This method of blackhead management can be time-consuming, and at times painful, there are better options on the modern market.

The Original Electric Skin Scrubber – Blackhead Remover

Product features:

  • Ultrasonic skin scrubber
  • Wireless
  • Battery-powered

This ingenious device uses ultrasonic vibrations through a small spatula that vibrates and lifts oils, dirt and toxins out of your pores, including blackheads. As a byproduct of the high scraper, it also promotes skin nutrition and lifting to give you skin a fresh glow.

The small unit runs three different vibration modes, one for cleansing, a positive ion releasing and a negative ion import setting as well as an EMS pulse to rejuvenate dermal cells, tighten skin and reduce wrinkles.


Very small and portable, a great to keep in a handbag or travel case, simple but effective technology that is easy to use.


This unit does require batteries and is not rechargeable. Make sure you use a wet face, or this device may irritate the skin.

Pore Vacuum Blackhead Comedone Acne Whitehead Extractor Tool

Product description:

  • Suction blackhead remover
  • Hot and cold compress pad
  • Five facial suction probes

One of the best blackhead removal tools you can use is a new wave pore vacuum like this multifunction unit by H HKHUIBANG. It utilises five different shapes of pore probes that lift the oil, dirt and toxins out of the skin with five different intensity levels of suction.

The other end of this compact wireless unit has a hot and cold pad that can be set at varying temperatures to either open pores with heat for deep cleaning, cold therapy to tighten and lift skin after a cleansing session.


One of the best, safest ways to remove excess dirt, oil and blackheads. The bonus hot and cold pad makes this product extra versatile. It is also USB rechargeable, so no battery waste.

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The higher suction settings can be powerful; don’t go over one spot for more than a few seconds, or you could end up with a mark or welt.

Sinohrd WiFi Visual Facial Pimple Sucker Pore Vacuum with 20X Microscope Camera,

Product feature:

  • Six suction probe tips
  • HD camera microscope
  • Streams to smart devices 

This suction blackhead remover takes the idea to the next level. Not only does it contain six-precision probe heads; it also includes a high-definition 20X microscope camera that streams real-time to your smartphone or device like laptop or tablet so you can see the cleaning happen live.

The unit is fully portable and USB rechargeable, making it the perfect skincare travel companion. It has an LED display that gives suction level information as well as battery life. It comes at a great price point for the quality, and it’s 1800mAh battery allows for long runtimes between charges.


Professional skincare at home with an affordable, compact unit. The HD camera brings an added dimension to the skin treatment experience.


Don’t use the camera if you get a little squeamish; you may see more than you want to!

Are you ready to tackle your blackhead, and up the ante on your skincare routine? Which of our blackhead removal tools do you think you would buy? 

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