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The Best Beginners Fencing Sword Available Online

The Best Beginners Fencing Sword Available Online


The Best Beginners Fencing Sword Available Online. Fencing is a sword-wielding combat sport based around real sword dueling and military strategies of actual conflict and war. Technically this makes the skill of fencing a martial art as much as a sport.

Although most cultures, both East and West, have different types of fencing traditions utilizing a vast array of bladed weapons, fencing as the sport is known today rose to popularity in the mid-1400s and has been an Olympic sport since 1896.

To protect themselves during competition and practice, fencing practitioners wear custom, full-body armor, typically made from layers of cotton. However, in recent times, these uniforms have started to include modern protective materials like Kevlar.

This uniform also includes a fencing mask that is often also made of a reinforced cotton helmet featuring a full face steel mesh guard.

Of course, the primary tool of a fencing practitioner is the fencing sword, also known as a foil, sabre, or epée. Fencing swords have changed considerably over the last century and now include ergonomic molded handles, interchangeable parts, and electronic scoring systems for competition.

If you think you’d like to give fencing a try, then there is a ton of information online, and you may find there is a fencing club just around the corner from you and some friendly practitioners who can help you get started.

If you are ready to get your first fencing sword, but were unsure where to find a reputable one online, then we may have saved you some time. Read on to see our pick for the best beginners fencing sword you can buy online.

Practice Fencing Foil with French Handle


Product Features:

  • Practice fencing foil
  • French style handle
  • Great choice for beginners

The Best Beginners Fencing Sword Available Online. Like all skill sets, practice makes perfect. Whether you are a practitioner of European fencing, medieval long-swod fencing or the Japanese fencing art of kendo, it is essential to remember that you are practicing a combat sport, and there are dangers involved.

These dangers can be exacerbated by poor form, bad posture and lackluster skill sets and strategies. However, even the most seasoned sword expert will tell you that practice makes perfect, and even the best of the best still do basic routine drills to maintain a good foundation.

This practice fencing foil from Pro Fencing is ideal for beginners and a great way to hone your skills between live practice sessions. It features a French style handle that comes in both left and right-hand configurations.

Picking The Right Grip For You

LEONARK Fencing Electric Sword Weapon – National Grade Professional Fencing Gear


Product Features:

  • National standard for competition
  • Electronic scoring enabled
  • Carry bag included

A professional, competition-grade fencing sword requires an electronic tip and handle attachment so competitions can be scored. The electronic tips alerts the scorers that a competitor has made contact that would have resulted in physical penetration with an actual blade, resulting in a point awarded.

This entry-grade electronic fencing sword by Leonark is ideal for beginners to intermediate practitioners and competitors.

Its electronic system meets national competition standards. The blade is constructed of high-quality stainless steel, while the guard is made from robust but lightweight aluminum alloy.

This great value-for-money fencing sword comes with a carry bag that is made from robust, 600D oxford fabric and will last as long as the sword itself.

Why Pick a French Grip

American Fencing Gear Fencing Sabre Electric Sword Weapon S2000 National/International Grade


Product Features:

  • Electric scoring enabled
  • Olympic length
  • Spare blade included

For years, American Fencing Gear has been at the forefront of professional-grade, Olympic level fencing equipment. This electronic fencing sabre is the perfect purchase for intermediate to advanced competitors and practitioners.

The S2000 sabre-style fencing sword meets all national and international fencing specifications. It is durable and lightweight, allowing for optimal dexterity and control. In addition, it has a professional two-prong electronic system for elite-level competition scoring.

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The sabre-guard offers maximum hand and knuckle protection while gripping the ergonomic plastic molded handle when competing.

This high-quality, professional fencing sword also comes with a spare blade, just in case you damage your fencing sword on competition day.

Watch this Great Sword in Action

KIN23330-BRK Federschwert Fencing Sword


Product Features:

  • Medieveil style fencing sword
  • Spring steel blade
  • Developed by HEMA practitioners

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) has risen in popularity in recent times, with professional combat specialists developing pro leagues worldwide. HEMA practitioners have developed this medieval-style long sword to replicate the weight and feel of a traditional European long sword.

The 51.5” sword blade is made from high-quality 38.25” spring steel, The weighted wood core handle is wrapped with traditional brown cord, and the pommel makes the blade well balanced. 

It features a classic Federschwert guard with flared blade base for a natural sword feel. HEMA is not scored electronically like traditional fencing, so no wires or electronics to worry about. When practicing with another swordsman, the blunt tip can be covered by a silicone or rubber tip for added safety.

KIN23330-BRK Federschwert Fencing Sword in action

still looking for The Best Beginners Fencing Sword Available Online? Who’s up for a sword fight? Enguard! Have you ever tried fencing? Maybe you have had a go at Japanese Kendo? I find combat sports scary; I’ll stick to tennis.

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