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The Best Backpacks for College In 2021

The Best Backpacks for College In 2021


The Best Backpacks for College In 2021!We can only hope that the year 2021 runs a lot smoother than 2020. The year of international COVID-19 lockdowns saw schools and colleges come to a standstill making it tough on students and educators alike to run normal classes and provide a smooth school year.

With all our fingers and toes crossed that this year will allow people back on college campuses.

Many college students may be looking for the perfect backpack to transport their books and devices to class.

Heavy school bags can have a big impact on back and neck health.

And it is essential that your backpack or school bag is ergonomic while still providing plenty of space for your personal effects.

Since college is becoming more and more reliant on technology like laptops, tablets and smartphones instead of books, it is also worth finding a carry bag that offers some extra security also.

We have put together a little list of the best backpacks for college that will cover all bases. There is something for everyone here; bags that charge, store, protect and secure all your valuable items in what we hope is a much better year for students the world over. Read on to learn more.

Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

The Best Backpacks for College In 2021

Product features:

  • Anti-theft backpack
  • Five-layers of protection
  • In-built device charging capacity

In the internet age, students tend to carry more tech than books. If you are reliant on public transport to get to college, then you may be a little more protective of the content of your backpack.

If this sounds like you then this may be one of the best backpacks for college year 2021.

The anti-theft features include over five layers of anti-slash protection that keep expensive items like cameras, smartphones, tablets and laptops safe from bumps and minor falls.

Although compact, the fold-out interior has plenty of room for all your personal effects and has independent pockets for all of your essential gadgets.

There is also a built-in USB network that allows you to insert a power bank to charge your smart devices on the go, so you never get caught with flat batteries during a lecture.

The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack

The Best Backpacks for College In 2021

Product Features:

  • USB and power bank network
  • Space expansion capabilities
  • Water-resistant protection

Welcome to the backpack of the future today! This backpack’s ingenious design will be all you need to see out the college year.

Leaving plenty of room for the books and tools you collect through your studies.

Made from high-quality microfiber and synthetic leather, this professional-looking backpack is packed with hidden features for people who are always on the go.

Its unique expansion design allows you to expand your storage space by up to 50% by merely unzipping the expansion zips.

There are compartments custom-designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops and cameras lined with soft flannel to avoid dents and scratches.

Other features include hidden compartments for credit, debit and ID cards and a safe water bottle compartment to prevent spills. Perfect for students and business professionals alike.

4-in-1 Business Transformer Bag

The Best Backpacks for College In 2021

Product Features:

  • Multi-function backpack/satchel
  • USB and power bank connectivity
  • Light-weight 1.5-kg
  • Available in two colors

This sleek and stylish backpack is ideal for college students or the busy professional. It can be adapted from a backpack into a briefcase, satchel and carry bag.

Made from quality water-resistant material, you can ensure your personal goods and technologies are kept safe and secure.

The internal 4.0 fast-charging port offers up to 20% faster charging than standard cables and transfers essential data at 800Mbps via the USB 2.0 network system.

Your stored items are easily accessible with its multi-angle open and close design and the soft-lined laptop compartment offers the ultimate care for portable computers from 12-15-inches.

Available in both classic black and dark grey.

Travel Nylon Backpacks

The Best Backpacks for College In 2021

Product Features:

  • Perfect for travelling students
  • Comes in five different colours
  • Plenty of storage features for backpacking and travelling

If you are a student travelling from overseas or regional areas, you may need a little extra space for temporary dorm stays or couch surfing at a colleagues home.

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This nylon travel backpack offers plenty of room for your study gear while allowing ample space for sleep mats and personal effects.

There are custom secure spaces for tablets and laptops, while still allowing space for clothes, shoes and toiletries protected from theft and rain by slash and water-resistant layers.

The bag’s outer layer boasts a range of straps for storage of minimalist sleeping bags and mats and water bottles and hiking sticks.

The added ergonomic back support helps with posture adding comfort and protection.

Large Capacity Men’s Duffle Bag


Product Features:

  • Robust design
  • Large capacity storage
  • Stylish modern design

If you are a trade or engineering student, sometimes a backpack just won’t cut it for storage space.

This heavy-duty bag will provide you with all the space you need to fit books, laptops and tools throughout the 2021 semesters. 

The comfortable shoulder strap aids comfort when loaded up and the well designed separate compartments help maximize your storage organization and efficiency.

This bag is not just perfect for students; it is the ideal size for travelling, gym, sports, or travelling salesman; one of the most affordable high-quality duffle bags of its kind online.

What are you studying in 2021? Which of our best backpacks for college will be carrying your personal effects to class?

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