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The Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine for Poker Nights

The Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine for Poker Nights


Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine. There is nothing like a cheeky game of poker with friends and family to ruffle a few feathers and stir up a bit of healthy competition; no matter if you are playing for kitty, small change or poker chips; you may even have a sneaky drink or two!

The origin of poker is a topic that is hotly debated amongst enthusiasts and historians alike; however, the game as we know it today seems to have become popular in the United States of America around the turn of the 19th century, with its global popularity soaring from the 1970s and on.

Still, its roots are of little concern to the people who play it worldwide, with some professional players competing for millions of dollars in prize money.

For the rest of us mere mortals, we are relegated to chucking a fiver into the pot with the hopes that the winner will use his money to buy the whole table another round of drinks.

If you are passionate about your poker, you may have bought yourself a nice poker kit with some quality cards and casino chips. You may have even splashed out on a custom poker table to give you games a professional vibe; some people even buy cardholders for their table. Hey, you don’t want to spill your drink!

Well, we may have the perfect thing to complete the ultimate home poker set up. An automatic card shuffler will give your friendly gaming nights a real casino feel. Read on to see some of the best automatic card shufflers available on the net.

Battery Operated Automatic Card Shuffler, 2 Deck Card Shuffler for Home Card Games, Poker, Rummy, Blackjack

Product Features:

  • Load two decks
  • Rapid shuffle
  • Battery operated

This classic automatic card shuffler from the game gurus at Silly Goose Games will liven up your poker nights with friends, and have your kitchen table feeling like Las Vegas. All you need to get started is one to two decks of cards and two C-sized-batteries, and you are in shuffle city!

Aside from poker, this card shuffling machine is perfect for speeding up shuffling for other classic card games like blackjack, rummy, bridge, snap, fish and other fun games.

The only downside to this deck is that it only fits standard playing cards, ruling out UNO, Cards Against Humanity and other popular card games. Still, if you love a good game of cards, this unit is sure to impress and entertain.

Trademark Poker Card Shuffler

Product Features:

  • Holds up to six decks
  • Gear-driven
  • Battery-powered

If you take poker nights with friends a little more serious than most, then this card shuffler will show them you mean business. This mechanical shuffler will make quick work of any card deck.

This large capacity card shuffler holds up to six decks at a time allowing for uninterrupted game flow. It features an innovative gear system that ensures even and accurate shuffling with the simple flick of a switch.

The trademark poker shuffler is powered by four c-sized batteries and will function using both standard and bridge size cards; its robust gearing system should provide years of reliable usage.

CHH Card Shuffler 2 Deck Hand Crank, “Welcome To Las Vegas”

Product Features:

  • Classic manual crank
  • Sturdy design
  • Holds two decks

If you want something a little more simple and low tech, this is the best automatic card shuffler. It is operated by a simple crank design similar to what you or your parents would have used in simpler times.

Although made of plastic, this unit is made robust and should provide you with game after game of accurate and reliable card shuffling.

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It is lightweight for portability and holds up to two decks of cards. Although it may not shuffle and dump the decks as neatly as its battery-powered comrades, it does fit other popular card games like UNO or trivia cards. Is this the best Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine?

NBCDY Automatic Card Shuffler, Electronic Professional Card Shuffler 2 in 1 Great for Home

Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine Product Features:

  • Electric powered card shuffler
  • Professional grade shuffler
  • Stitched leather side panels

This is the Royals Royce of card shuffling machines. It is a mains powered unit with innovative gear drive that will take your poker game to the next level and make your poker set up legendary among your peers.

It holds up to two decks of standard poker or bridge cards. You have the choice of plugging into mains power via the power plug included, or you can power it with four AA 1.5V batteries.

The NBCDY Best Automatic Card Shuffling Machine offers a classy finish with authentic leather stitched side panel for that little bit of extra class and style. Simply pull the lever, and this professional-grade automatic card shuffler will do the rest.

Are you lucky with a hand of cards? Have you picked your favourite card shuffler for your next poker night with friends? What is the most you have ever won in a game of poker? Promise we won’t tell!

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