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The 10 Best Bushcraft Knives Available in 2021

The 10 Best Bushcraft Knives Available in 2021


Bushcraft knives make one of the best and reliable survival tools. Most survival and bushcraft experts will agree that your number one tool in the great outdoors is a robust and reliable bushcraft or survival knife. 

Bushcraft knives must be simple, robust, and reliable, manufactured to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. It needs to be capable of cutting, chopping, slicing and digging without breaking, or losing its edge too easily. 

Read on to discover more about the ten most reliable and trusted Bushcraft knives of 2021.

What Are The Best Bushcraft Knives Available in 2020?

1. Morakniv Survival Knife

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Product features

This is one of the best bushcraft knife under $100.

  • High carbon steel 
  • Weight: 295 grams
  • Blade length: 4.3-inches

The Morakniv has been manufactured to be your tough, reliable right-hand man in the bush. Designed by the experts from Mora! Sweden! makers of high-quality knives since 1891 

It is made of high carbon steel with a scandi grind to bite into tough surfaces while retaining its edge. Comes with a robust sheath that includes a diamond sharpener and holds an integrated fire starter which is easily accessible when needed.

2.Perkin Handmade Bushcraft Knives 

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Products features

  • 420C stainless carbon steel blade
  • Weight: 360 grams
  • Blade length: 4.5-inch

Perkins are expert knife makers based in the UK. They make beautiful hand-made knives designed for rough and tumble outdoor use.

These hand-made blades are rated 59-60Hrc on the rockwell scale offering a hard edge made for the rigours of bushcraft and survival use. They are made full tang and come with quality leather sheaths. Perfect for all outdoor activities including camping, hiking and hunting.

3. TOPS Knives Brothers of Bushcraft

Fieldcraft by Brothers of Bushcraft Knife - TOPS Knives Tactical ...

Product features

  • 1095 HC steel
  • Weight: 408 grams
  • Blade length: 4.5-inch 

The B.O.B. bushcraft knife is the result of a collaboration between several wilderness experts, and manufactured by the craftsmen at TOPS from Ucon, Idaho.

These knives have been used by some of the U.S. military elite. The cutting edge has a modified Scandinavian grind which is effective for carving and skinning. It comes with a tan canvas Micarta handle and a robust black Kydex sheath with inbuilt fire starter.

4. Condor Tool and Knife CTK232-4.3HC Bushlore

Condor Bushlore Camp Knife 4-5/16" Carbon Steel Satin Blade ...

Product features

  • 1075 HC steel blade
  • Weight: 198.4 grams
  • Blade length: 4.25-inch

Condor tool and knife are premium bladesmiths from Solingen, Germany, with a history tracing back to 1787.

This knife is the ultimate bushcraft all-rounder. It boasts a blasted satin blade with a scandi edge for precision sharpness. It comes with an ergonomic hardwood handle with lanyard hole, and a quality handcrafted welted leather drop sheath.

5. Bahco LAP-KNIFE Laplander Multi-Purpose Knife Set


Product features

  • Two piece set includes Bahco 396-LAP general purpose folding saw and 2444 multi-purpose knife
  • 8-inch saw blade length with seven teeth per-inch
  • Folding saw includes safety lock, locked when open or folded

This perfect bushcraft and survival set has been designed by Bahco, Sweden. This set comes with a high-quality stainless steel Laplander knife and is accompanied by the tough Laplander pruning saw.

The well known Laplander knife bears an impressive four-inch blade with a moulded, hard plastic sheath for safe storage and easy access. The accompanying multi-purpose folding saw consists of a robust eight-inch blade with seven teeth per inch, perfect for green and dry wood, bone or plastic.

6.Perkin Damascus Steel Knife Small Bushcraft Knife

Perkin Damascus Steel Knife Small Bushcraft Knife

Product features

  • Damascus steel blade
  • Weight: 12.9 grams
  • Blade length: 2.5-inches

Another quality knife by the bladesmiths at Perkin in the U.K. Its features include a full tang Damascus steel blade, perfectly balanced with a Micarta handle with mosaic pins.

Perfect for all outdoor applications, this razor-sharp Damascus steel blade comes in a made-to-fit, high-grade leather sheath. The blade rates 56-58 Hrc on the Rockwell scale, producing a hard edge ready for the roughest punishment.

7. CDS-Survival MOVA-58 

Bushcraft Survival Hunting Knife, Stainless Steel MOVA-58, Genuine Leather Horizontal-Vertical Belt Sheath + Firesteel, Handmade

Product features

  • Stainless Steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58) 
  • Weight: 439 grams
  • Blade length: 3.92-inches

This Spanish made “Axarquían” style knife by CDS features a full tang, laser-cut, stainless steel Molybdenum-Vanadium 58 (MOVA-58) blade for a sharp, durable edge.

Perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts, this full tang, high-performance bushcraft knife comes with a Micarta or hardwood handle. It comes presented in a high-quality, moulded leather, multi-position sheath and incorporates a fire starter.

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8. Bushmaster Bushcraft Explorer 

Bushcraft knives

Product features

  • 1095 HC steel
  • Weight: 376 grams
  • Blade length: 4.5-inches

The handy grab and go design of the Bushmaster Explorer by United Cutlery makes it perfect as an everyday! outdoors companion. 

It features a full tang! 1095 high carbon steel blade with a gray hardened coating for durability. It features a dark hardwood handle with classic brass pins and lanyard hole! housed in a reinforced custom nylon sheath. 

9. Perkin Handmade Bushcraft Hunting Knife

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Product features

  • 420C stainless steel
  • Weight: 317.5 grams
  • Blade length: 4.5 inch 

The team at Perkin present this compact hunting and bushcraft knife with a hard 420C high-carbon stainless steel blade. 

This quality hand-made knife is finished with an ergonomic tapered! three-pinned varnished walnut wood handle. This perfect bushcraft knife comes presented in a classic double-stitched hand-made leather sheath. 

10.Holtzman’s Gorilla Bushcraft and Survival Knife 

Product features

  • 1095 HC Steel 
  • Weight: 272 grams
  • Blade length: 4-inches

The Holtzman Gorilla is an absolute workhorse. A reliable survival tool with a robust! black finish! 1095 high-carbon steel blade.

It is attached with an Allen key pinned! Black G-10 handle cased in a moulded! Allen key fastened! multi-functional Kydex sheath for attaching to a belt or backpack straps. The kit also comes with a paracord lanyard and a built-in fire-starter and strike.

So which of the top 10 best bushcraft knives of 2020 will you be taking on your next wilderness adventure? Don’t get caught out! Make sure the next time you brave the wild unknown! you carry one of these reliable and trustworthy bushcraft knives.

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