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10 Best Tactical Pens to Serve in Different situations in 2021

10 Best Tactical Pens to Serve in Different situations in 2021


When we talk about the tactical pens, then it feels like we are talking about something from James Bond film. But believe me in real life we all must have these type of pens with us. The tactical pen is more like an EDC Pen or Tactical knife that can protect you and definitely save your life someday.

These best tactical pensare mostly made with heavy-duty machined and a material like aircraft aluminium, steel, and titanium so they can bear frigid cold and unbearable heat, and rains. These pens are multipurpose devices because they help you write down your notes or ideas on notebook and also protect you from unwanted attacks.

These pens are discreet and slim, and when you carry them, nobody can judge its double function. In today’s world, it is essential to get you prepared for any imminent risk, so these pens are your alternatives to the weapon. Along with pen, you get pressurized ink cartridges and pockets clip so you can easily fit them in your belt, shirt and pocket.

What Are The Best Tactical Pens to Serve in Different situations in 2020

1.The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen


If you are looking for some solid pen with a glass breaker tip, then this tactical pen is the best choice. This pen does not only give you a luxury writing experience but can also help you in case of an emergency. It’s simple, and plain design, remarkable grip, and solid cap made this pen an excellent product.

This best tactical pen comes with a heavy-duty nylon belt cover and extra black ink cartridge. In the case of refilling, you can refill the ink from Parker, Fisher Space, Rite in the Rain and Atomic Bear. This Atomic Bear pen doesn’t break and rust. Even due to its strong structure nobody can chew it. 


The pen is highly recommended to the people who like the lightweight, low price but a solid pen. This pen works as a weapon, or you can use it to break a car window or open boxes, engrave glass, metal and wood. This pen is perfect for joggers, delivery workers, security guards, police and military.

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Review

  • Lightweight, solid bodynLow price nRemarkable grip, anti-slipnMultipurposennnnn
  • Too long, can’t fit in a pocketnCap is loose.n

2.Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

tactical pen

Prepared with CNC Machined AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM, this tactical pen is best for self-defence. Nobody knows what would happen in the next minute, so it is good to get prepared for that. This heavy-duty and rugged pen has excellent strength and can help you to safeguard yourself from the attackers.

Not only this but you can easily open the bottle with it or break the glass window of the car with this in any emergency.Along with the best writing, this pen has a led flashlight that helps you to stay safe even at night.

The packing of this product is beautiful, so you can gift it to father or any men you care and love. Two extra refillable ink cartridges and a flashlight battery are also included in its box.


This best tactical self-defence pen is prepared by Veteran U.S brand and comes with a 1-year unlimited warranty. As these pens have beautiful and unique packing, so these are best for valentine or birthday gifts.

This multi-tool pen can also be used by SWAT, First responders, navy seals, military pilots and many such tough professionals.

  • 1-year warrantynTwo Extra refills and 1 batterynLED Tactical FlashlightnGlass breaker tipnHeavy Duty and ruggednnnnn
  • Poor quality of bottle opener tool.n

3.Uzi Tactical Bolt Action Pen

tactical pens

If you are looking for a short but durable pen, then this Uzi tactical bolt action pen is what you need.  This pen is made with lightweight but high-grade Aircraft aluminium which has a standard opening mechanism. It is fun to use this pen because of its bolt action retraction. It also lessens your stress level.

Like all the tactical pens, this pen is also your best safety tool which you can take with you where weapons are not allowed. Due to its durable construction, it helps you to safeguard yourself in case of any attack. For your convenience, there is a metal clip, and for refilling, you can use fishers space or standard pens refills.


This lightweight and the short pen is very easy to carry with you. There is no compromise on the quality of this pen, and it can easily break glass in case of any critical situation.

  • Weight is .96 ouncesnDimensions are 4.5 x 0 x 0 inchesnUltra-durablennnn
  • Weak pocket clip

4.Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen


The danger is always one step ahead of you. In such a situation, it is essential to get you to prepare for it. With the help of law enforcement professionals, Gerber has introduced the impromptu tactical pen. Like another normal pen, this pen not only gives you the best writing but also help you in all your ups and down circumstances. 

To give this Gerber tactical pen a rugged and strong look, it is made with machined steel. Its pocket clip is made with stainless steel to make this very handy and convenient to use. It works with durable push button, and its tempered steel tip is always there to break any windshield or protect you from any unwanted attack.


This USA made pen not only defend you but helps you to write in every situation. The cartridge of this ballpoint pen is designed in such a way that it can work in dry or wet conditions.

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen Review

  • Push-button mechanismnGlass-breaker tipnWork in all weather conditionsnMachined steel bodynStainless steel pocket clipnEasy to holdnnnnn
  • Poor qualitynPush-button stucknn

5.Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen


The simpler, the more beautiful. Smith & Wesson has introduced this reliable tactical pen that is made of T6061 Aircraft Aluminum. Its convenient pocket clip made it easy to carry along with you, where ever you are going.  You can use this pen while camping or keep it with you in your day to day life.

This Smith & Wesson tactical pen is not only stylish, but it is very easy to use. It has a screw-off cap, just remove the cap, and you are ready to write. For refiling, you can use Schmidt P900M Parker Style Black Ball Point Cartridges.


This lightweight and extremely sturdy pen are what you need for your self-defence. You can always keep it with you to avoid any risks. One of the satisfied customers says, “This pen just looks like a fancy fountain pen. It is much lighter than I expected and extremely sturdy.”

Aircraft Aluminum Refillable Tactical Screw Cap Pen Review

  • Weight 1.4 ouncesnDimensions 5.7 inchnDurable and dependablenScrew-off capn
  • screw-off cap gets stuck.

6. Polished Titanium Metal Bolt-Action Pen


Looking for a luxurious statement pen? Then you must select Titanium Metal bolt-Action pen that is designed artfully for the real minimalist. This beautiful sleek design pen is prepared with Stainless steel and Titanium, with custom Torx T6 hardware that not only gives you a study but a sexy and alluring look too. 

These Titanium tactical pens have a smooth opening with bolt action that is designed uniquely. The carry pocket clip is also removable so you can enjoy the impressive look. This powerful pen not only gives you smooth writing fun but also is a low profile self-defence tool.


This versatile pen comes with 9000M refill, and in case of replacement of refilling, you can use Parker style refills. Due to its unique and decent design, this pen can be a perfect gift for your loved ones, either they are male or female.

Polished Titanium Metal Bolt-Action Pen Review

  • Versatile RefillnRemovable pocket clipnBolt action mechanism with copper BarrelnMinimalistic designnHigh qualitynWeight .9oznDimensions 115mm x 10mmnnnnnnnn
  • Loose top screw

7.Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen


Want a beautiful looking and reliable pen for office, work or patrol? Then this Titanium Bolt action pen by Valtcan is best for your daily use. Not only it has an attractive look, but it is also very reliable and strong as its tip is tungsten and it has prepared like a tank.

Its pocket clip is beautifully designed with strong polished Stainless steel so you can easily keep it in your notebook, clipboard, pocket or journal.The best thing is that you can disassemble it completely to clean, adjust or change the parts and to refill it. It’s CNC finder groves on the pen gives it a sturdy and comfortable grip. You can refill it with any Parker style refill


The pen is designed so straight forward so men and women can use it in their office or daily life. One push bolt action design also makes it easy to use. This can be the best gift for your family members or co-workers on their birthdays or promotions as it comes with an attractive gift box.

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Valtcan Impel Titanium Bolt Pen Review

  • Durable and lightweightnTungsten tip and stainless steel pocket clipnMatte titanium finishnWeight 44 gramsnLength 5.5 inchesnnnnnnn
  • Poor quality ink cartridge

8. Valtcan Titanium Bolt Pen


Stronger, but light and small, this Valtcan Titanium bolt pen is the best ballpoint for perfect writing style. Not only its tungsten tip helps you to escape in any critical situation, but its sleek and beautiful polished titanium body give an impressive look while holding it. You can disassemble this pen when you need it.

The pocket clip is made with strong steel for a secure grip and its works with one push button. You can refill the pen with Fisher Space pressurized refill, the new Parker gel refills, Rite in the Rain refills, and even with Valtcan original refills.


This simply designed titanium bolt pen arrived with an attractive gift box and a pen so you can pass this as a gift to someone you want. One of the fans says about this pen, “The Valtcan ti pen has been great a great addition to my every day carry, it is lightweight, premium and adds a bit of character to my EDC.”

  • Dimensions 7.4 x 3.5 x 0.9 inchesnWeight 3.36 ouncesnSecure pocket clipnSmooth bolt actionnDurable and lightweightnnnnnnnn
  • The pocket clip doesn’t fit properlynn

9. Boker Plus Tactical Pen


This neat novelty pen is built with hard coat anodized CNC milled aluminium. Its beautiful black finish makes it suitable for everyday use in the office or other formal places. Not only its bolt action mechanism makes it easy to use but also its solid finger grip gives you the best writing experience. 

This boker plus tactical pen has a flat open head so you can rest your thumb while writing. The weight of this pen is 2.9 ounces and dimensions are 6 x 2 x 1.5 inches. It does not have a pocket clip, so it is quite different from other best tactical pens, but on the other hand, it gives you full defence in any challenging situation.


The quality of this pen is solid and heft. Its smooth operation and simple design are what makes this pen loved by all. One of the satisfied customers says, “I like this pen. I like the size and weight mostly.”

Boker Plus Tactical Pen Review

  • Lightweight but strongnPrepared with aluminiumnBolt action mechanismnFlatheadn
  • Costlynnnnn

10.SMOOTHERPRO Titanium Bolt Action Pen with Tungsten Tactical Tip


If you are looking for the pen with the unbreakable body, then this Titanium Bolt Action Pen by Smoothepro is a must-have product for you. Made with full metal titanium sold the bar, this balanced weight pen is best for holding and writing. Finely CNC threads on the body of the pen make its grip strong and provide you comfort to write.

This best titanium tactical pen has a bolt action design, and its tip is tungsten so you can use this pen for your safety. The tip of this pen is strong enough to break the glass and attack a person in a dangerous situation. 


So, you can not only depend on this good looking and tough pen for your safety, but it can be an excellent gift for family and friends. The pen comes with one gift box and two refills.

  • Unbreakable bodynBolt action designnTungsten tipnLightweightn
  • Expensive

What is a Tactical pen ?

Tactical pens mostly look like a regular ballpoint pen, but they have a sharp tip which can be used for self-defence in case of any emergency.  Most of the tactical pens have a blunt ends and tungsten tip to break the glass of the windshield.

These pens are typically made with steel, aluminium and titanium due to which they are quite heavy as compared to other plastic pens, but their weight makes them durable enough to use as a weapon.

Final thoughts

If you are planning to buy a unique but strong pen, then you must choose anyone from the ten best tactical pens from the lists mentioned above. These pens are unbreakable, and their stylish and sexy look makes them the centre of attraction. With smooth and fantastic writing, these tactical pens are your weapons to protect you.

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