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Camping? Tempting? So Why Do People Go

Camping? Tempting? So Why Do People Go

Camping So Why Do People Go

So Why Do People Go Camping? It’s entirely possible that if we sat down and had a chat with every camper and asked them to analyze why they go camping, we would get a different list of answers from each one. It’s personal, which is why you get such a variety of camping locations and camping equipment

Camping So Why Do People Go

Some would no doubt invite you to chat on a log they dragged over from the nearby bush; another would pull out a spare foldable camping chair from their state-of-the-art trailer, which they brought ‘just in case’ and offer you a freeze-dried snack to go with it.

Others still will be camping so deep in the heart of the forest, so far off the beaten path, that finding them to have that ol’ chinwag would be impossible. 

People camp for different reasons and those needs are met by different camping experiences. But all can be considered happy campers. 

To Get in Touch With Nature

So those that have studied why people camp make the rather obvious report that a key attraction of camping is to get touch with nature. When camping, nature is literally at your doorstep, allowing you to see the stars, to hear the birds, to smell the flowers, to feel the dirt between your toes and the rain on your face. 

Whether it is simply a fresh breeze in your face replacing an air-conditioned draft or an encounter with a mother bear and her foraging cubs, how far you want to get in touch with nature is your choice. 

The Social Element

Camping So Why Do People Go 2

Then there is the social element of camping, spending time with your fellow campers as life slows down. Setting up the tent is usually a team exercise, preparing the campsite certainly is. If you have planned a hike, it is a great time to connect with nature, get some much-needed exercise, and connect with the people around you. Time is on your side to have a conversation, and if you have done a digital detox and stored away your electrical devices, all the better. 

The early evenings will most likely be spent around the fire boiling water for a hot drink or preparing whatever meal you have planned. As later evening draws in, the fire gains a new purpose as conversations turn from those inspired by the stomach to those initiated by the heart, discussing the universe, sharing a joke and putting the world right. Late evenings might well turn into midnight mornings without you noticing.  

The Favorable Financial Cost

Some will quote the favorable financial costs of camping over hotels and such. While this is true for regular campers, there is an initial buy-in cost of getting the right equipment and making the right investments though it is totally worth it. 

A great backpack, a reliable water storage device, a comfortable chair will really make a difference as you rough it in comfort. Choose well, and these assets can last a lifetime and bring the average cost right down.

The Extremes of Camping

From the remote Scottish Highlands to the rugged New Zealand mountains, from the tree capsules deep in the German Alps to cliffhangers in USA’s Yosemite National Park, camping around the globe can get pretty extreme

Extreme in the sense of obstacles that have been tamed to get that perfect campsite, extreme in the views and sights the campsite offers – and perhaps the rawest meaning of the word, extreme in the sense that you have got as close to nature as it’s safe to get.

This kind of camping is not for everyone. You might appreciate the night sounds of owls hooting but not fancy sharing your pajamas with a creepy crawly. You are the camper who wants to look up and see stars but at the same time just can’t get a good night’s sleep lying on a mattress little thicker than a blanket. 

If that’s you, then there are certain essentials you need to consider. 

The Essential Camping Equipment

Now when your baseline of comfort isn’t rock bottom, and you do want some creature comforts, most thoughts turn to shelter first. The tent, in most cases. Is it reliably waterproof, windproof, spacious etc.? Will it do its job to keep out unwanted elements and animals?

Then sleeping equipment comes next. Mattresses, inflatable or otherwise, sleeping bags, pillows if necessary. Possibly the mind then moves from the camping bedroom to the camping kitchen – have you brought suitable pots and pans, plates and utensils to rustle up a decent meal

The Value of a Quality Camping Chair

But the make or break of a camping experience can be the all too often overlooked campsite living room. No reasonable camper is going to strap their sofa to the rooftop as they head out into the wilderness, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to the opposite extreme and sit on rocks, squat on your haunches and suffer bruised bums and aching backs. 

There is a happy middle ground with portable, foldable camping chairs. They provide the joy of having something comfortable to flop down into after a long hike. The magic of an evening by the fireside is doubled when you watch the sparks fly, and the flames flicker with nothing to distract you. 

When looking for a chair, typically consider the following:

(1)   Packability – does it fold well and pack easily. Many will come with their own bag.

(2)   Weight – is it light and portable.

(3)   Comfort – is it actually a comfortable seat? Some look better than they feel.

(4)   Wide feet. You don’t want the chair sinking into the soft soil of the outdoors.

Don’t rest on your camping laurels – treat yourself to get a decent camping chair.

Be Prepared With Essential Camping Gear

There is no right or wrong reason to go camping, so whatever yours is, just be sure to enjoy being outdoors and be prepared with essential camping gear. is the go-to for essential camping gear, blogs and information. You can also visit My Gear Expert’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages for more helpful information and advice.

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