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The Best Tactical Headsets for Military and Security Personnel

The Best Tactical Headsets for Military and Security Personnel

The Best Tactical Headsets

The Best Tactical Headsets. In a military or security operation, clear and concise communication is essential. Missing one piece of critical information could be the difference between a life and death scenario, especially for private protection professionals and unit leaders.

While hand signals and strategic cues can be effective in emergencies, service personnel and private security professionals rely on audio equipment to keep things under control and communicate with other operatives in real-time, without latency.

Comms gear needs to be reliable and clear, but it must also cancel out distracting noises while allowing users to remain connected, undistracted to the world around them.

Tactical communications have come a long way in the last few decades, with slimline microphones getting more sensitive and noise-cancelling, high-definition audio taking communications technology to another level.

These slimline comms units can provide hours of operation while allowing undercover operations to remain inconspicuous while delivering intel or securing a primary.

The tactical nerds here at My Gear Expert love to research their military and security tech. Below, they have reviewed some of the best value for money, professional-grade military and security comms units available online in 2020.

Read on to see our picks for the best tactical headsets for military, security and law enforcement personnel.

Opsmen Earmor M32H Pickup Noise Reduction Headphone Best Tactical Headset

The Best Tactical Headsets 12 2 1

The Opsman Earmor M32H tactical headset offers an entry-grade price for a quality headset. Lightweight and robust noise cancelling tactical headset. These military-grade noise reduction headphones with microphone provide clear sound for both the user and signal receiver, optimizing communication in the loudest of circumstances, like active zones, crowds, sporting grounds and significant events.

The specs on this affordable military headset include:

  • A noise reduction rating of +NRR22
  • Three-levels of the electronic restoration
  • Harmful noise suppression above 82-dB

This professional-grade headset also allows you to set reminder tones for the on/off status and the electronic restoration adjustments. Are these the best tactical radio headset

FMA FCS C3 ACH Military Style Noise Canceling Headset

The Best Tactical Headsets

The FMA FCS C3 ACH Military Style Noise Canceling Headset provides a perfect professional tactical headset solution for field and service professionals. Designed to neatly fit within the surrounds of a standard tactical hard hat.

The FMA FCS C3 ACH has a range of impressive features, including:

  • Polycarbonate headset shell
  • Silicone gel ear cup
  • US military standard U-174 standard communication plug and interface definition
  • Noise reduction to 22dB (H: 27dB/ M: 20dB/L: 16dB)
  • TSFS panoramic sound 
  • SEO technology that adapts to different environments 
  • Left or right microphone mount
  • Industrial rainproof protection 
  • Two 7-cell (AAA) dry batteries approximately 150 hours

The TSFS offers real-world sound processing. When sound reaches approximately 85dB, the system automatically reduces high-pressure sound and protects the hearing.

The 7-cell (AAA) dry batteries offer approximately 150 hours of operation time, just what you need for long assignments and details.

FCS AMP Head Set w V60 PTT combo Best Tactical Headsets

The Best Tactical Headsets 3

The FCS AMP Head Set and V60 PTT combo is a complete head and helmet-mounted dual-purpose coms set that has you covered in any situation, whether in enemy contact scenarios or high-level, private security operations.

Some of the impressive features of this affordable headset include, but are not limited to:

  • ARC rail
  • Fast function switch times
  • Communications auto-sensing
  • NATO standard interface U-174/u plug
  • Noise Protection Ratings of NRR 26dB(H:34dB/M:28dB/L:16dB) 
  • ​​3 Com Ports
  • 4 PTT Buttons

This kit is everything you need for your head protection and field communications and is compatible with most internationally recognized components. Note that this Sentry helmet is incompatible with AF, T-Wendy and MTEK products. Read more best tactical communication headset?

OPSMEN M20 Earplug

The Best Tactical Headsets

The Best Tactical Headsets is needed If your military or security role is more incognito and undercover, then the Opsmen M20 earbud coms unit offers state of the art technology at a more than reasonable price. Weighing a minimalist 7seven-grams, you’ll barely even notice wearing them while benefiting from clear audio for all operatives.

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Some of the impressive features in these wireless, minimalist comms units includes:

  • A noise reduction rating of +NRR22
  • Intuitive, easy to use, one-button operation
  • Up to eight hours of battery life per-charge
  • Two sound effects for indoor and outdoor scenarios
  • Battery and operation prompts
  • Silicone retention cord
  • IPX-4 water resistance rating

These feature-packed coms units adopt in-ear electronic hearing protection, helping to reduce impulse noise while also suppressing harmful noises above 82dB. is this The Best Tactical Headsets?

Opsmen M20 earplug coms come in a portable charging case and have a shutdown feature when left on standby longer than two hours to reserve battery power and come in a range of natural colors to optimize discreteness.

These professional-grade comms units mimic current trends in wearable, smart, audio devices, meaning they blend into their surroundings, and the crowd without attracting any interest or attention.

What kind of communication unit do you wear on the job? Are you a uniformed operative, or do you offer protection from the shadows? Either way, we hope you enjoyed our review of the best tactical headsets for military and security personnel.

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