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The 8 Best Nerf Guns of 2021

The 8 Best Nerf Guns of 2021


As a kid, a quality NERF gun made you feel like a superhero. The iconic ’90s that started in the late ’60s is even more popular today than it has ever been. Just as much fun for adults in the office as kids in the yard, as the best NERF guns are truly loved by all.

Hasbro HQ even has testing facilities where staff can shoot each other! Their large warehouse tests different NERF prototypes in environments where kids and adults would typically play with NERF blasters!

Arm your arsenal with some of the best NERF gun options available in 2020 via our review list below and get shooting!

1. NERF N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster best NERF guns

NERF N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster best NERF guns

We’re going to start big with one of the best NERF guns on the market! The NERF N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster can shoot up to 75 feet and has a rotating barrel design that gives you six-shot rapid-fire abilities to really show your friend who is the NERF boss.

You can even switch things up with the additional N-strike accessories and tactical blaster rail. This gun is easy to carry in one hand and has a cylinder that pops out for easy reloading. We feel sorry for your enemies with this bad boy in your hands!

NERF N-Strike Elite Strong-arm Blaster Review

2. NERF Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster best NERF guns

best NERF guns

The NERF elite titan CS-50 Toy Blaster brings with it a firestorm of 50 darts shot via a blaster motor so you never get tired. Mimicking the old school gangster barrel guns, NERF has given this unit a space-age twist!

Designed for distance, it’s easy to carry this unit on your shoulder thanks to the handy strap. The spinning barrel unleashes the darts towards your opponent with a blaster that is compatible with most NERF darts. Just note, this gun requires batteries to unleash its foam bullet onslaught on unsuspecting opponents.

NERF Elite Titan CS-50 Toy Blaster Review

3. NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire best NERF guns

best nerf guns

That’s right, it’s a NERF turret. The NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire has double alternating barrels with motorized blasting. The removable tripods help to steady your shots, and you can unleash 50 darts in a row with the help of the powerful motor.

The Rhino Fire blaster offers a twofold barrel torrent of darts that only requires one pull of the trigger to fire vigorously. This unit can fire up to 90 feet, so set it up to protect your home base and watch the other team run the minute they see it!

NERF N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Review best NERF guns

4. NERF N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper best NERF guns

best NERF guns

The barrel can be modified to alter the distance of your shot and you have 12-Elite darts and an extra 12-dart clip, all of which fire up to 90 feet. Strap this guy on and get out into the action with ease.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper Review

5. NERF Fortnite Llama Targets — Includes Sp-R Blaster, 3 Llama Targets


The NERF Fortnight Blaster is a one-hand unit inspired by the popular game that is great for on the move. it comes with varying size Llama targets so you can practice your shot and hone your skills ready for the big battle.

This unit includes an inside clasp that holds up three darts with a detachable barrel that looks like a silencer addition. Very simple to use, all you need to do is load three darts inside, aim, and pull the trigger and hope you are a good shot! 

NERF Fortnite Sp-R & Llama Review

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6. Long strike Toy Blaster with Barrel Extension, Bipod, Scopes, 18 Modulus Elite Darts


The Long strike Nerf toy blaster comes with long strike cs six blasters and storage for two clips. Built to mimic a sniper rifle, the idea is long-range accurate shots while you camp out in the bushes, covering your friend on foot attack. 

Complete with a barrel extension, bipod, and scope, you can attach a blaster for precise targeting and guarantee a stable shot with a scope that focuses on your aim. The hand-powered as six darts can be fired in a row so you will never miss an enemy again!

Long strike NERF Modulus Toy Blaster Review

7. NERF Fortnite E6158EU4 AR-L Motorized Toy Blaster, 20 Official Fortnite Elite Darts, Flip Up Sights


Another best nerf gun model inspired by the popular game, NERF is here to let you play Fortnite in real life! The NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster features a motorized dart blasting button that accelerates the power of the dart. 

Complete with two flip-up sights to align your shot, this blaster comes with a 10 dart clip and 20 official Nerf Elite darts. This Fortnite shooter allows for improved accuracy. Step into the area looking tough and ensure that every shot makes the mark with this handy unit.

NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster Review

8. NERF N-Strike Elite Surge Fire


We finish our list of best Nerf guns with the big daddy that can slam 15 darts straight onto your opponent with ease. The Nerf F-strike gun gives you the power of a commander and the look of a modern-day gangster thanks to the rotating front barrel.

Choose to blast one dart at a time or pull the rapid-fire option which houses the enemy with 15 darts up to a distance it 90 feet. The pump action helps for long-distance striking while making you feel like an action hero. The battle is yours with this one on your side.

NERF N-Strike Elite Surge Fire Review

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