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The 8 Best Mini Guitar Amps on the Market in 2021

The 8 Best Mini Guitar Amps on the Market in 2021


It’s easy to take a little rock n’ roll with you these days via a range of mini guitar amps that offer an impressive sound and are incredibly portable! Some of the biggest amp brands in the world have released pocket-sized versions of their products so you can plug-in and play no matter where you are.

My Gear Expert has compiled the best mini guitar amps that will come in handy when you don’t have enough room for your full rig, be it due to travel or small living space. These amps are great for any guitarist, beginner to advanced, and will help you ensure that no matter where you go, your sound goes with you.

1. Luvay 10 Watt Electric mini guitar amps, with Back Support Stand

mini guitar amps

Product Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Audio input with a standard 1/4″ connector
  • Pickup Size: 5.3 x 1.1 x 0.4″ ; Cable Length: 10′

The Luvay 10 Watt mini guitar amps are a great way to amplify your sound without needing a massive rig. The sound quality of this tiny unit will knock your socks off thanks to the construction of real solid Beech Wood.

The set includes a 5ft Cable and the main unit which is particularly useful on an acoustic guitar, bringing out the smooth tones in a way that will shock anyone who is listening. You won’t believe the sound quality this little unit is capable of, especially considering its low price!

2. Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

fender mini guitar amps

Product Features:

  • Solid-state amplifier 
  • Controls for gain, volume, treble and bass
  • Includes auxiliary input jack and headphone output jack

The Fender Frontman 10G 10-watt mini guitar amps offer a built-in overdrive that produces high-quality tones and elevates your sound to professional levels. It includes an adjustable gain control that lets you switch from tube-emulated overdrive to ultra-saturated distortion with ease.

This amp’s closed-back body also makes your bass notes sound heavier for added depth. A molded plastic strap handle makes this amp easy to carry and you can use the auxiliary input jack to practice along with any song from a media player.

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier Review

3. Orange Crush Mini 3-Watt Mini Guitar amps

Orange Crush Mini 3-Watt Micro Amp

Product Features:

  • Simple Gain, EQ, and Volume controls
  • Fast and easy iconic Orange sounds
  • Wide range of gain for gentle crunch or full-on mayhem

The Crush Mini is a mighty 3-watt amp powered by a standard 9-volt pedal power supply or a 9-volt battery. The ultimate portable solution, this unit offers Simple Gain (drive), Shape (EQ), and Volume control for total versatility.

The iconic orange vinyl and woven grille include an onboard tuner, 1/8″ music input, and headphone output, making this the practice tool every musician needs.

Orange Crush Mini 3-Watt Micro Amp Review

4. Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier

best mini amps

Product Features:

  • Clean and overdrive modes
  • Volume and tone controls
  • Headphone jack/preamp out

With One Watt of gut-wrenching power, this mini-Marshall offers channel switching and a headphone jack that is also a preamp out. The ultimate in portable 9V battery/mains adaptor operated mini guitar amps, in a tiny case measuring just 14 x 11 x 6cm. 

This MS-2 black, mini half stack has offers serious tone and has even been used in professional recording studios; producers place it in a shoebox with a hole cut for the microphone – seriously. This is one of the best additions to our list of mini guitar amps.

Marshall MS2 Battery-Powered Micro Guitar Amplifier Review

5. VOX MINI3 G2 Battery Powered Modelling Amp

5. VOX MINI3 G2 Battery Powered Modelling Amp

Product Features:

  • 3-watt portable amp with 5″ speaker
  • 11 built-in amp models based on Vox Valvetronix 
  • Wide range of tones from cleans to high-gain

The Vox MINI3 G2 3W Battery Powered Modelling Amp Classic packs a colossal punch out of the tiny 3-watt, 5″ speaker, and is battery powered so you can take it anywhere. No matter what genre or style you play, we guarantee you’ll find at least one tone that suits you while you choose between 11 authentic built-in amp models based on Vox Valvetronix technology. 

If you also need a vocal channel, there’s a dedicated mic input with not only separate volume but also reverb/delay controls. The Vox MINI3 G2 accommodates a range of instruments from electric and acoustic-electric guitars to keyboards with a bassilator circuit that delivers a rich low end.

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VOX MINI3 G2 Battery Powered Modeling mini guitar amps Review

6. Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier

best mini amp

Product Features:

  • Two channels
  • Perfect for expert and amateur guitarists
  • Battery or DC operated

A mini-amp with Bluetooth connection compatibility, the Blackstar Fly 3 micro amp let’s you stream music direct to the amp to jam along with. You can also add the Blackstar FLY 103 3-inch Extension Speaker cabinet to transform your FLY 3 into a six-watt stereo amp.

The Blackstar FLY 3 offers two-channels with tape postponement, EQ, and aux contribution for easy connection of an MP3 player or phone.

Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier Review

7. SONICAKE US Classic Plug-In USB Chargeable Portable Pocket Guitar Headphone Amp

best mini amplifiers

Product Features:

  • USB chargeable port
  • Charge lasts for five hours
  • Fits in your pocket

The Sonicake US Classic is a headphone pocket mini guitar amps, plug-in type, designed to give you the tonal mojo of an American classic combo amplifier with the tweed cloth covering. Best paired with headphones with higher impedance, the US Classic comes with a built-in reverb effect, adding additional sonic dimensions to the overall tone.

A 1/8 inch AUX input and a PHONES jack make it to jam with backing tracks, making this unit a perfect tool for daily practice and pre-show warming-up. The 1/4 inch jack is ideal for plugging straight into your guitar.

SONICAKE US Classic Plug-In USB Chargeable Portable Pocket Guitar Headphone Amp Review

8. Sawtooth ST-AMP 10-Watt Electric Guitar Amp

best micro amp

Product Features:

  • 6.5″ speaker with a 10-watt output
  • Single-channel weighing 2.76kg
  • Dimensions: 12.7cm x 26.6cm x 28cm

The Sawtooth ST-AMP-10 guitar amp is a 10-watt small practice amp that is an affordable little pocket rocket that goes the distance. You’ll be able to use it with guitars, keyboards, vocals and anything with a pickup. The sound will fill a room, even more so if you mic it up to a PA!

10 watts may not seem like much power, but for small practice situations, you don’t need (or want) a lot of power. The EQ allows you to dial in a sweet spot by tweaking to your preference. This amp makes it easy to dial up a sound will impress!

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