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15 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection (Review) in 2021

15 Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection (Review) in 2021


Are you using the lawnmower or Vacuuming the house? Cutting the woods? Or at the shooting range? Most of the time, people are distracted from unwanted noises. It loses concentration, focus, and strength. Here is the solution to this problem. Here at MyGear, we have found some of the best Bluetooth hearing protection headphones available; these allow you to stay focus on your target while aiming at the firing range.

There are some of the best hearing protection available with Bluetooth enabled features, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite music and also receive and answer incoming calls without removing the earmuffs. Are you ready and excited to see what we have found for you??? then feast your eyes on these tremendous and Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection Devices .

The Best Bluetooth Hearing Protection

1. 3M WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector, Wired


The ideal choice in Bluetooth headphones with hearing protection. Add fun while at work with 3M WorkTunes featuring AM/FM digital radio. This Bluetooth hearing protection is designed with improved technology to provide complete entertainment without interruption.

Before starting the project, you need to choose the best hearing protection with Bluetooth; this is by far our choice in Bluetooth protection accessory for you. It assists the voice with Bass boost technology and is extremely easy to use, plus the sound clarity is sensational with exceptional durability.

If you are consistently within noises around 85 decibels range, this can cause Self-Induced Hearing Loss, not something you want down the track. This blue tooth hearing protection provides 100% safety from SIHL.

This product spread awareness in the workplace and within the public regarding high-quality safety equipment with style protection. At 3M, they always stand behind the labor and workforce to protect them and provide them the best protection with Bluetooth. What more could you ask for?

What a Fan Said

I have a woodshop with radio and earbuds. While looking for an earbud extension, I stumbled across AM/FM hearing protection and decided on these after reading past reviews. They are very comfortable, provide proper noise protection, and the music is so bright and clear I can hear things I’d never noticed before (e.g., background symbols and subtle vocals). I wish I’d known of these years ago.


  • Noise Reduction Rating NRR+24dB
  • 2 Bass Boost options
  • Voice Assist
  • Easy-to-use auto scan

2. Mpow HP102A Bluetooth Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs


The best Bluetooth earmuffs provide headphone functionality as you enjoy the music in your free time. It has 5mm audio input, and you don’t require a battery, the rechargeable battery has a great long life of up to 30 hours of full charge.

This Bluetooth earmuff gives you the liberty to make and take the phone calls through integrated controls. It is the best Bluetooth work headphones, which enormously reduces the noise. Mpow Ear muffs are comfortable as the soft foam on each ear, giving a smooth, comfortable feel.

This Bluetooth safety headphone weighs only 12.3oz/ 349G. So no issues if wearing for long sessions. This Bluetooth headphone provides excellent hearing protection with foam pads on the earmuffs these cover the ear and create a seal on the entire ear. Mpow Bluetooth safety headphones are perfect for shooting, construction sites, yard work, woodworking, fireworks, etc.

What a Fan Said

“Arrived on time, Pretty simple setup, the sound quality of calls and music through Bluetooth is good. The real test will come when I use them with the leaf blower, but I’m guessing they will work well.”


  • On-ear Control
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Microphone for hands-free Calls

3. FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones Wireless Cancelling Headphones with 4GB


This Bluetooth radio headphone efficiently reduces the outside noise also gives protection to your ears. It minimizes the external hazardous sound to a minimum level and allows you the maintain the determination without being disturb.

It has a built-in digital Bluetooth with a stereo jack that is compatiable for phone, hands-free calling, or mp3 player. This hearing protection with Bluetooth allows you to stream your music from the phone, tablet seamlessly, or any other Bluetooth enables the device.

This Bluetooth earmuff has 800 mAh lithium chargeable battery, which lasts for a very long time. These Bluetooth work headphones not only for working but also for your hobbies as well, like shooting, racing, hunting, and others. You can get 1 Bluetooth ear defender, with 1 800 mAh lithium battery, 1 USB charging cable, 1 Headphone cable, and one user manual that you can able to set it quickly.

What a Fan Said

“I love my new hearing protection headset. It’s easy to use and set up. Bluetooth works great; It even tells you what the phone number that’s calling you. FM even comes in the clear. It’s worth what I paid.”

FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones Wireless Cancelling Headphones with 4GB SD Card Built-in Mic Review


  • 4-in-1 Noise reduction ability
  • Sensible comfort
  • Mp3 Bluetooth Technology

4. CONNEX Bluetooth Hearing Protector Over-the-head Earmuffs by TASCO


The best Bluetooth hearing protector by Connex, which reduces the noise up to 25dB. It can wirelessly connect to any other Bluetooth device, and you can listen up to 60 hours without any interruption.

There are 3AAA batteries included in this Bluetooth earmuff package. It is a premium Bluetooth safety headphone that can be connected to IOS and Android easily. The controls of this Bluetooth headphone is easy to use as it has a built-in microphone which allows to takes the calls quickly.

On the work in the construction site and you want to take a call while working or listening, the music is challenging, but here Connex has made it more accessible. You can able to take the call in a noisy environment with ease and no disturbing sound. Connex gives the best Bluetooth hearing protection while on work or doing any other thing where you can be disturbed by the outside noise.

What a Fan Said

“Purchased these to listen to my iPhone while mowing. Simple easy to feel buttons on the right ear. Easy Bluetooth connects, and volume adjusts by feel. I was concerned about battery life. I have worn them several days for almost the entire daylight hours, and they are still going strong. My riding mower is quite loud, and the muffs do a great job of blocking the noise while the music and phone calls come in clear.”

CONNEX Bluetooth Hearing Protector Over-the-head Earmuffs by TASCO Review


  • Power tools
  • Easily connected with IOS and Android
  • Best Customer service

5. PROTEAR Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones with AM/FM Digital Radio

Best Headphones

Protear brings hearing protection with Bluetooth headphones. It allows you to listen to the AM/FM radio, and also you can take your call anytime. This Bluetooth earmuff has a clean and clear audio sound, which enables you to work without any disturbance.

It has a Hi-fidelity Digital radio reception; it has the preset and memory up to 40 radio channels. The Premium headband features steel manufacturing, and ear protection is soft and comfy.

This Bluetooth hearing protection has a boom microphone that transcripts clear and clean sound on the other end. Protear Bluetooth headphone reduces the noise up to 25dB.

This Bluetooth hearing protection system comes equipped with adjustable buttons, through which you can adjust the microphone, volume, and answer the phone calls as well. This Bluetooth earphone is a multipurpose gadget that allows the user to use it in any condition.

What a Fan Said

“ Bought this for my father for Christmas and he absolutely loves it !! No static, the quality is awesome! Glad I made the purchase.”

PROTEAR Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphones with AM/FM Digital Radio and Boom Microphone Review


  • Dual Purpose Headset
  • Clear Communication
  • Hi-Fidelity Radio Reception

6. Safety Ear Muffs, Noise Cancelling AM/FM Radio Headphones with Bluetooth Technology


Best Bluetooth hearing protection by DIPFSUC, it brings on the Bluetooth with mp3 playback and backs it up with Radio services as well. This Bluetooth hearing protection headphone is certified quality noise reduction, which protects your ear from hazardous levels of sound.

It has Digital AM/FM tuning with an LCD feature, and it comes with auto search radio stations for you. It does the work for you! This hearing protection with Bluetooth also provides hands-free calling as the built-in microphone allows us to switch from radio or MP3 to the incoming calls, how great is that you don’t need to move your hands to answer the call.

You also don’t have to remove your Bluetooth headphones to receive the calls. It has 1200 mAh li-ion battery, which included in the package, allows you 20 hours of working time in one go. The standby time of this Bluetooth hearing protection is making this product stand out in the market place as it has 20-30 days’ standby time. It is lightweight, and the comfortable ear cushions give a very secure and comfortable feeling.

What a Fan Said

“They are fun, but they are also functional and fit well. The Bluetooth feature works very well. Pairs quickly and easily with my iPhone. Sound quality is exceptional. I also loved the inbuilt feature of AM/FM radio, through which I can listen to my favorite radio station without any hassle. The signals of the radio were obvious. The sound quality is also quite good, and having the entertainment makes work go faster.”


  • Excellent Sound Quality
  • Noise-canceling is great
  • Easily Portable

7. Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector for Shooting & Hunting


Peltor brings in the best Bluetooth hearing protection in which you can enjoy the low sound of 3M-Technologies. These Bluetooth headphones provide you the auto shut-off option as well. This protector hearing earmuff comes packed with low-profile cups for rifle shooting.

It has a precise voice-tracking technology, which brings the background noise to zero. It also has Active Suppression time, which measures the energy of the gun noise and then automatically sets overthrow to minimize the echo, and comfort and safety are optermized.

This is the best Bluetooth safety headphones that prevent damage and reduces wind noise while you are shooting from the riffle, providing you with more concentration and a more accurate shot.

This Bluetooth hearing protection headphones are designed especially for gunstocks; the comfortable headband allows you to wear the headphones all day without any issues and problems. This Bluetooth hearing protection allows a 2-hour auto shut off to save power.

Peltor Sport Tactical 500 Smart Electronic Hearing Protector for Shooting & Hunting Review


  • Amplify Low-level verbal communication
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Dynamic Suppression Time
  • Streamline Design
  • Auto shut-off

8. Gardtech Bluetooth FM Stereo Hearing Protector Ear Protector Safety Earmuffs


A complete work noise reduction Bluetooth headphones provided by Gardtech. It reduces 29dB outside noise and completely blocks the unwanted voice, which annoys you. These hearing protectors allow you to work with full concentration and without any external disturbance.

A very soft and comfortable sealing ear cushion provides a warm feeling while in use. It has an LCD, which gives you the extra edge while using these Bluetooth headphones. You can get connected with any Bluetooth device, and it has a USB charge-interface through which you can recharge the battery.

Its battery is lithium, which gives extra battery life to use after a full charge. These headphones can work in any noise affected area with total durability. You can use these Bluetooth earmuffs at the shooting range, loud music concerts, as it is the best option for the security guards. This earmuff will allow the user to use them domestically and also professionally.

What a Fan Said

“The 29dB reduction is fabulous. I work in about 100dB, and I upgraded from a 25dB reduction- it’s a noticeable improvement, and I’m grateful for the added protection.”

Gardtech Bluetooth FM Stereo Hearing Protector Ear Protector Safety Earmuffs SNR 29DB Review


  • Auto Interface
  • Built-in Digital Bluetooth
  • Adjustable padded Headband

9. XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff W/ Voice Clarity


This headphone is an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort and control for convenience. It is jam-packed with four comfort modes of listening like, Speech clarity mode, Universal, power boost, and hi-frequency.

This safety headphone has advanced digital circuits and active dynamic sound suppression, having the navigation of voice modes. The omnidirectional microphones are integrated into headphones with noise reduction, allowing a clear and crisp sound.

The headband of this earmuff has a rubber bumper on the lower cups with fewer holes in the muff cups for better results. Powered by two AAA batteries, it also comes with a low battery warning as well.

The auto shut-off option allows to switch off function of the headphones for 2,4,6 hours. This product is avaiable with Bluetooth or without a Bluetooth option. You can get whichever suits you. This headphone provides maximum noise reduction and sound suppression.

What a Fan Said

“Works as advertised with all the features they say. I have only had it a few days enough to test it once. But it was inside an indoor range where I was placed between a 357 revolver shooter and an AR15. I thought I would have to double up hearing protection, but surprisingly I could feel the percussion blast a lot more than I could hear it.”

XCEL 100 Digital Electronic Muff W/ Voice Clarity Review


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Four listening modes

10. 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XP Ear Defender Headband Bluetooth


This Bluetooth hearing protection has active hearing protection with a boom microphone. This Bluetooth headphone is integrated with 2.1 Bluetooth technology that provides hands-free communication when there is an extreme noise around.

It offers safe, reliable protection of your ears from damaging sound, designed for professional services like police officers, Security guards at concerts and industrial environments, hunting, shooting, forestry, carpentry, and Milatary applications as well.

This Bluetooth ear protection features the built-in function of volume, which gathers the sound from your surroundings, and then it regenerates that sound to give you a crystal clear voice on your headphone. The surrounding view is minimizing to zero as it protects your ears from a loud noise like 85dB like gunshots.

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What a Fan Said

“I’ve been operating heavy equipment for several years, and these headphones are by far well worth the money. Running a D10 N with the doors open and being able to hold a conversation on the phone should speak for itself.”


  • Interactive ear cushions
  • Digital Noise reduction
  • Level dependent function
  • Setting memory between use

11. Champion Vanquish Pro Bluetooth Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs


The Champion Vanquish Bluetooth ear protection headphones are designed for ground shooting sports. This Bluetooth earmuff is specially designed on the reports of gunshots, which provides the best result of optimal balance when used all day. This is the best Bluetooth ear protection while you are on the ground of a shooting sport.

It reduces the noise and provides the safety to your ears in such a high-level noise polluted area. This Bluetooth earmuff has two full dynamic range HD speakers, which guarantees you that whatever you are hearing is crystal clear. It consists of an omnidirectional microphone that gathers all the noises around you and minimizes the wind noise providing only the natural sound.

This Bluetooth headphone has a lithium battery, which allows you to run for 12 hours non-stop. This hearing protection headphone gives you an option of active noise cancellation that makes sure that you didn’t hear any unwanted noise.

What a Fan Said

“The cushion is SO much softer compared to those. I haven’t had any issues with the headband, and the noise reduction for the shooting has been A+ so far.”

Champion Vanquish Pro Bluetooth Electronic Hearing Protection Muffs Review


  • Safe level Sound Compression
  • 5 x Amplification
  • Noise Reduction Rating of 24 dB
  • 3 Hour Automatic Shut Off

12. ION Audio Tough Sounds Hearing Protection Headphones with Bluetooth and Radio

This all in one ION best Bluetooth hearing protection headphones providing you the best sound with a 25dB noise reduction rating. Vacuuming the house, mowing the lawn, or wacking the weeds, you owe this best Bluetooth hearing protection headphone.

The Bluetooth allows you to enjoy the music on the internal speakers. You can also enjoy the built-in radio wherever you go. These Bluetooth headphones are tough made as they reduce the external noise, which tries to reach your ear effectively 25dB.

The lightweight of this Bluetooth earmuff allows you to use it regularly without any disturbance or problem. You can listen to your favorite music from any Bluetooth music player. It has padded ear cups with an adjustable headband, which provides comfort for size issues. You can easily take the phone calls with the built-in Microphone. It has a robust internal battery, which lasts for 20 hours after a full recharge.

What a Fan Said

“Sound quality is excellent. I think some people might appreciate having some form of ‘tone control’ depending on their choice of music, but for what I listen to (classical, spoken word, occasional prog rock, and folk), I have no complaints.”


  • IPX4-Certified
  • Built-in microphone
  • 3.5mm Stereo aux input

13. Professional Safety Ear Muffs by Decibel Defense – 37dB NRR


The best hearing protection headphones are leading to 37dB protection. These are the best headphone protection for shooting range. Their ultra-comfort allows you to use it all day. It has a padded cell, headband which provides comfort for hours. It is the best accessory in your toolbox.

This safety headphone is quietest and most comfortable for adults, kids, and toddlers in a noisy atmosphere. It is easily foldable and compact for construction sites or industrial areas. You can wear these headphones while gun shooting, hunting, and the best option are for the security personals.

It is the best choice for hearing protection because of its features, which reduces unwanted external noise. This professional safety earmuff reduces the sound as the testing takes place ad it passes at 37dB. It is an excellent choice for woodworking, chainsaw, landscaping, etc. It is perfect for people who are sensitive to loud noises.

What a Fan Said

“I have employed ear muffs and plugs for over 40 years to deal with noise exposure. This experience has allowed me to be abnormally sensitive to ear muff effectiveness. My last set of muffs advertised 30dB sound reduction, so I decided to try Decibel Defense due to a higher decibel rating. These muffs utilize a slightly different approach to holding the muffs tightly to the head.”

Professional Safety Ear Muffs by Decibel Defense – 37dB NRR Review


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Quietest
  • Reduce the noise 37dB

14. 3M PELTOR Ear Muffs, Noise Protection



  • Advanced Technology
  • Comfortable
  • Replaceable Cushion

The latest technology in the hearing protection from 3M Peltor. A completely new design for which is the best design for earmuff, providing comfort and security for the ears. It has the universal mounting in which a hard hat can be fitted, securing the hearing protection earmuffs enabling the noise reduction range to 21dB.

There are different options available for attaching the hard hat with these hearing protection headphones. The ear cups are adjustable and customized according to the comfort level of the user.

There are three positions of this hearing protection headphones: Usage position, Stand-by position, and a Storage position. The stainless steel band allows you to resist bending or wrapping and bearing the pressure of prolonged usage. It is lightweight and low-profile earmuff, which designed to attach to the hard hat. It has the new and innovative foam ear cup, which helps to improve the reduction of unwanted outside noise.

3M PELTOR Ear Muffs, Noise Protection Review

15. Sordin Supreme Pro – Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs



  • Four levels of sound amplification
  • 3D audio
  • Waterproof

Have we left the best hearing protection earmuff till last? Listen to this list of specs. It features high amplification with realistic and natural amplification sound to provide outstanding protection from outside noise.

This earmuff comes with four levels of sound amplification. Electronically protecting you from the hazardous noise. The integrated speaker automatically selects the quiet sound creating crystal clear surrounding noise.

This headphone reduces the up to o25dB. This hearing protection headphone can be used in any circumstances as they are WATERPROOF, which allows you to use them in the field, firing range, indoor shooting range, or loud workplaces as well.

The two microphones recreate an excellent 3D audio in the earmuff. Using this ear protection headphone, you can communicate directly face-to-face or get commands as well. The headband is removable, and you can wash it easily. The attractive design of the headphone gives a comfy feeling while wearing as it is also light in weight.

What a Fan Said

“These ear defenders are more expensive than some you can buy, but they are worth every penny. They are well made and work perfectly. A quality item that I expect to give years of service.”

Sordin Supreme Pro – Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs Review

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