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The Best Watch Cases to Display Your Collection in 2021

The Best Watch Cases to Display Your Collection in 2021


Watch cases are a stylish and classy way to display and protect your wristwatch collection at home or on the move. My Gear Expert has found the best available right now to make the watch obsessed can take care of their pride and joy.

Above all, your timepieces are special. They are beautifully made pieces of design, handcrafted and valuable, primed to be passed through the generations of your family. For this reason, you want to keep them safe. Subsequently, you need to pick the right one for the right outfit! These cases make that easy, so scroll on through the list and find the best option for you today.

1. Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men

Watch cases

Product features:

  • Double story
  • 12 cushions to accommodate watches of different sizes
  • Glass lid that is easy to clean

One of the most beautiful and unique watch cases, designed to offer enough space not only for watches but for other accessories as well. This watch box maintains the fine balance between modernity, tradition, and class. Glenor Co Watch Box with Valet Drawer for Men is made from the best materials with smooth metal hinges that allow for easy operation and access.

It has stacking decks, and the upper portion has 12 compartments to protect your precious watches. Each watch cushion is designed to accommodate a piece of any size. The lower velvet drawer allows space for cufflinks, tie clips, pens, shades and more.

Above all, this box closes with a glass lid which subsequently enables you to see your luxurious collection. The plate of the box is made from stainless steel and the interior of the box is covered with fine leather while the exterior offers an elegant carbon fiber design.

Glenor Co Watch Rolls with Valet Drawer Review

2. Watch Travel Case


Product features

  • Shock-proof
  • Handmade
  • Fine stitching with espresso finish

A leather roll with elegant design makes it possible for you to safely carry your watches with you when traveling. This case can accommodate three watches of every size. Every slot is divided to ensure that watches do not move around and get damaged and the compartments can also accommodate ties and bracelets.

The round design offers a smooth sliding of the watch into the various compartments and the interior subsequently has an ultra-soft touch to give you a luxurious feel. The base of the box is flat meaning it won’t roll around.

This travel case is handmade from naturally-tanned top quality leather to deliver a traditional elegant look. Above all, it also comes with 4 silver-plated clasps to offer maximum security for your watches.

Watch Travel Case Review

3. Sodynee WBPU12-03 Watch Display Box Organizer

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Product features:

  • Black PU leather is used in construction
  • Lock system to ensure maximum security
  • Glass window

These watch cases come with 12 soft pillows with dividers to give security to 12 watches of different sizes. Another notable feature of this box is the use of a key which locks the box to deliver maximum security.

This wooden wristwatch box is very easy to handle, the exterior of the box is covered with sophisticated black PU leather. Its sturdy design subsequently allows it to travel with you with ease.

Sodynee WBPU12-03 Watch Display Box Organizer Review

4. JS NOVA JUNS Watch Box

Watch cases

Product features:

  • Glass window for easy viewing
  • Security lock
  • Vegan

JS Nova JUNS wristwatch box not only delivers aesthetic beauty but also protects your watches from being scratched or damaged. This is a double story wristwatch case, the upper story provides enough space to accommodate 12 watches, every slot is removable and separated by a divider to add more security and prevent jostling.

The lower drawer slides out easily and is used to store jewelry or other items such as cufflinks, tie pins, bracelets, rings, etc.  The upper portion of the drawer comes with a lock and key system to make your watches more secure.

These watch cases are made of vegan leather to add sustainable and ethical durability plus the velvet is used in the construction of pillows to offer ultra-soft touch. Above all, this watch box is available in four different colors making it suitable for both men and women.

5. Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Case Display Storage Case


Product features:

  • Clear glass lid
  • Can be transformed into a jewelry box
  • Lockable

This smooth and fine box is made with pure solid wood offering durability and sturdiness making it one of the best travel watch cases on offer. The wood finishing helps to deliver a luxurious vintage look that will impress as much as your collection.

This wooden watch box can easily accommodate 10 watches of different sizes. The cushions are soft to ensure the storage of bracelets and other jewelry items as well. This watch box also offers lock with a stylish key to subsequently provide more security to your valuable collection.

6. Watch Winder for 12 Automatic Watches

Watch cases

Product features:

  • Vertical design
  • 18 winding programs
  • Touch screen display

Opt for something different and display your watches horizontally! This vertical watch box will grab attention and make it very easy to select the right companion for your outfit.

This watch box also fixes your watches on a rotor which automatically stops the rotation after it completes its winding cycle. The number of turns can easily be set from the touch screen present at the bottom. This smart watch winder provides accommodation to 12 watches with LED-backlit to offer illumination in the dark.

Made from pure wood, the exterior of these watch cases offer multi-layer gloss piano lacquer finish. Above all, the interior is made soft with grey linings to deliver an elegant appearance inside and out.

Watch Winder for 12 Automatic Watches Review

7. Watch Rolls with Modern Premium Glass Lid

Watch cases

Product features:

  • Tempered glass lid
  • Removable slots
  • Fine finishing

Give your precious watches a luxury home that protects them from dust and damage with this high-quality wood design. It features five soft pillows which accommodate watches of different thicknesses as well as other valuable jewelry, for example, cufflinks and tie clips.

This watch box comes with a thick tempered glass lid with nickel-plated hinges for easy lifting. It has been given a touch of gloss to subsequently enhance its elegant look while a black felt bottom ensures it does scratch the furniture! The back and front side of the box comes with a touch of herringbone for some added class.

Watch Box Modern Premium Glass Lid Review

8. Watch Winder Piano Finish with Adjustable Watch Winders

Watch cases

The second watch winder in our list, this one offers 8 soft adjustable pillows to house and wind different watches.

Complete with a back-lit LED and LCD touch screen, it is easy to adjust the rotation cycles of each rotor. The watch winder automatically stops after twelve hours, therefore, your watches are ready to go! Made up of pure wood, the exterior side, for example, features carbon fiber with a touch of high gloss finish. Above all, the three rotation modes, you can change the rotation style of your watches whenever you want.

Watch Winder Piano Finish with Adjustable [Upgraded] Watch Pillows, 8 Winding Spaces Watch Winders Review

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